Where Can I Use Plastic Wall Cladding?


Plastic wall cladding is found in a huge number of environments. It is popular in places where compliance with hygiene regulations is crucial. In this guide, we will look at the settings most suited to PVC wall cladding. This will be helpful if you are considering cladding an environment in your business or organisation.

The reason why hygienic wall cladding is popular is because it is so simple to keep totally clean. It is economical when compared to stainless steel and tiles. In addition, it resists moisture and won’t attract mould. This product is available in a wide range of attractive finishes, meaning hygiene systems don’t have to look dull. Kitchen wall cladding is a long-lasting solution to the problem of keeping surfaces hygienically clean in risky environments.

You can use plastic wall cladding in the settings outlined below.


PVC wall cladding – where to use it



PVC wall cladding is used in a wide variety of settings in hospitals. You will find it in waiting rooms, treatment areas and even operating theatres. This is because the cladding is made from a material that can be cleaned and sanitised to a high standard. It reduces risks in both clinical and high traffic areas.


Restaurant kitchens

Commercial kitchens have a lot to gain from plastic cladding. It is cheaper than tiles and much easier to maintain. In fact, it is the low maintenance solution to keeping surfaces free of grease and pathogens. It supports compliance and drives up hygiene standards by making kitchen surfaces effortless to keep clean.



Ideal for public facing as well as kitchen areas. Takeaways can benefit from cleanliness customers can actually see. This is good for business as it promotes confidence in hygiene. Many takeaway and sandwich shop owners use hygienic wall cladding to boost cleaning processes to gain higher food hygiene ratings. If you want your business to grow, achieving a good rating is important.



Abattoirs use wall cladding to minimise risks and prevent contamination. This type of environment must adhere to strict hygiene protocols. Having walls and ceilings that are effortless to keep clinically clean is imperative.


Deli counters

Wall cladding made from plastic is perfect for retail settings where food is sold. As well as aiding hygiene, it looks smart. If you are considering a PVC option for your shop, consider a bold, high-gloss finish. It will draw customers to the counter and help to improve footfall.


Food processing


Factories that process food use plastic cladding. It prevents cross contamination and ensures production areas are not just clean but efficient.


Offices and Schools


Employers and schools use plastic wall cladding to promote health. Coughs and colds can quickly spread in spaces occupied by multiple people. Having surfaces that can be cleaned effectively and quickly stop bugs from spreading. This is important not just to protect the public but to minimise staff absence.


Buying hygienic wall cladding


You can buy hygienic wall cladding and kitchen wall cladding online. As well as benefitting from the convenience of delivery, you can choose the materials you need in your own time. You won’t be pressured, and you can ask questions to ensure you make a purchasing decision that is right for your environment. You can save money too.

Buying PVC wall cladding online is the most economical way to improve hygiene in your environment. You will achieve savings while benefitting from top quality cladding materials. Internal cladding is on trend. It is smart. It is easy to install. And, above all, it is hygienic.

If you are looking for a low maintenance hygiene system, find out more today.

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