Benefits of Hygienic Wall Cladding in Retail Outlets


Hygienic wall cladding is a savvy choice for all types of retail environments. It is commonly used in butcher’s shops, behind deli counters and in sandwich bars. But it can also be used in beauty salons and areas where make-up or medicines are sold. If you are thinking of replacing dull or cracked tiles, PVC wall cladding is extremely cost-effective.

It looks better than run-of-the-mill shop fittings and is much easier to keep hygienically clean. You won’t have the bother of cleaning grout in tiles and neither will you have to worry about keeping bacteria out of cracks. There are lots of reasons why plastic wall cladding makes sense for shops. In this feature, we will outline just some of them.

If you have any questions at the end of the feature, contact a recognised PVC wall cladding supplier.


Low maintenance hygiene with PVC wall cladding

Keeping a sensitive retail area scrupulously clean is important, particularly if your shop is subject to food hygiene inspections. This product aids the cleaning process with a clean, smooth surface. It benefits from hidden fixings and waterproof sealant – so moisture will not be able to seep behind sheets. Plastic cladding supports cleaning by making it easier and more effective.

If your business is likely to be rated by customers for hygiene, you need a system that will deliver confidence without eating into your time. Finding a solution that will support your brand image and hygiene will raise customers’ perceptions of your standards. If you are not sure if your business needs wall cladding, time yourself the next time you clean tiles or stainless steel. Does the process take too long?

You can save time and enhance the reputation of your business by investing in a hygiene system that looks great and supports efficiency. Better still, you can install this cladding yourself. It simply sticks to existing surfaces with high grip adhesive.

Visual benefits of plastic wall cladding

Plastic wall cladding can really give your retail outlet the wow factor. While available in white, it is also sold in pale creams, blues and greys, not to mention vibrant bold colours like orange, black, blue, green and many others. What is great about this hygiene solution is that all accessories can be colour-matched – so there is no break in the colour scheme. Even sealant can be in a matching shade.

This is important in a retail setting because shoppers demand not just great products and services but fantastic experiences too. Consider kitchen wall cladding for walls behind deli counters or at in-house cafes and staff canteens. You can even choose a colour theme that supports your branding. For example, if you market your store as a high-end outlet, you may want to consider full gloss black. Alternatively, if you want to make your customers feel relaxed, choose a pastel shade.

The beauty of hygienic wall cladding is that is retains its good looks. It is impact resistant and designed to look fantastic for literally years. If you are not sure if plastic wall cladding is suitable for your business, take a look at what is available online. You may be surprised to discover just how many choices you have.

Internal wall cladding must meet fire resistance tests, so always choose one with a Class 1 fire rating for peace of mind. Buy from a reputable outlet that will deliver your order and ensure they offer free advice whenever you need it.

The retail sector is changing. How you present your business to customers has never been so important. Keep it beautiful and engaging and, above all, keep it clean.

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