General Motors announces the launch of its third electric pickup after Hummer and Silverado EV

In addition to electric pickups, General Motors is also developing another electric pickup GMC’s Hummer EV And electrification Chevrolet silverado It was confirmed in April. According to reports, the auto giant announced the news at a media event. NBC Finance Channel with CNET RoadshowIt did not disclose many details about the project, but showed a shadow image of a truck covered with tarpaulin during the demonstration, but it did say that this will be a full-size GMC pickup.

also, NBC Finance Channel Said that it is expected to be a more “traditional” pickup truck than Hummer EV, which is a “lifestyle” vehicle. This may mean that its price is in the range of more people than Hummer, although it is reported that GMC global head Duncan Aldred refused to admit whether it is an electrified version of Sierra pickup.

General Motors has always promised to invest more and more money into electric and driverless efforts.The automaker originally planned to invest US$20 billion in this effort, but it announced that it would increase In April this year alone, its investment from 2020 to 2025 reached 35 billion U.S. dollars. General Motors plans to provide 30 electric vehicles on the market by the end of 2025, and will begin selling electric vehicles exclusively in 2035.

Hummer EV is scheduled to go into production this fall and will be one of the first electric pickup trucks that people can buy. However, starting at approximately US$80,000, it is not a direct competitor to other upcoming electric trucks. Tesla’s Cybertruck with Ford’s F-150 Lightning It will cost about half, and this mysterious third electric truck may be more competitive for them.

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