Tucker Carlson says the vaccine “reduces” the severity of COVID and hospitalization rates

After he was accused of spreading vaccine misinformation, Fox News host Tucker Carlson It has been stated that the COVID-19 vaccine may have “profound benefits.” Carlson said these benefits include reducing the severity of virus-related symptoms and hospitalizations.

“Vaccines may bring far-reaching benefits,” Carlson said in a broadcast on Monday evening. “My understanding is that vaccines are indeed good.”

“It seems that various vaccines can reduce the impact of this disease and make its impact on people less severe,” he continued. “They are unlikely to go to the hospital for treatment. It makes perfect sense.”

Carlson’s comments were published after a July 16 study conducted by the media watchdog organization Media Matters, which found that 60% of Fox News’s vaccination episodes in the last two weeks promoted “anti-vaccine propaganda”.

After being accused of spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made comments in support of the vaccine. In this photo, Carlson speaks on stage during Politicon 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on October 21, 2018.
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon

Media Matters research investigated Fox News clips from June 28th to July 11th. Every time a speaker said that the vaccine was unnecessary or dangerous, it would record it. Whenever a speaker says that immunization represents a form of government overexpansion or infringement of personal freedom, it will also be recorded.

In response to this research, a Fox News spokesperson pointed out Weekly newspaper To the recent examples of online celebrities promoting vaccines, the network focuses on vaccines, PSA and vaccine search tools on its website.

Carlson did not publicly disclose whether he was vaccinated.In fact, he recently said that asking someone’s Vaccination status is similar to asking them to disclose their HIV statusHowever, he has expressed support for vaccines in the past.

In the April 13 broadcast, Carlson called these vaccines “a huge achievement” and “something that all Americans can be proud of.”

In the broadcast on April 14th, he said: “Who is doubting whether the vaccine is effective? We never doubted. We bought all these things exactly at face value. We believe in science. In fact, a little bit of trust in pharmaceutical companies is also a little bit. So When they said these things were effective, we never questioned them.”

last week, Carlson also fights back Regarding the comments of Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, Carlson and his fellow Fox News review host Laura Ingraham It is an “anti-vaxx quack”.

“Of course, we don’t have and don’t oppose vaccines,” Carlson responded. “Few Americans oppose vaccines. Almost every American has received a large number of vaccines and wants to receive this vaccine.”

Carlson has repeatedly stated that he is not opposed to vaccination. Instead, he said, he has been looking for answers to “basic questions” about the COVID-19 vaccine.His show many times Doubt about the safety of the vaccine.

Weekly newspaper Contact Fox News to comment.

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