Israel says two rockets were launched from Lebanon and fired back after Syria was attacked

The Israeli military stated that two rockets were fired into the country from its northern border with Lebanon and retaliated. This marked more cross-border turbulence within hours after Syria accused Israel of airstrikes there.

After reporting an explosion in northwestern Syria on Monday, the Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement in which one official source stated that “the Israeli enemy has carried out an aerial aggression against southeastern Aleppo, targeting certain locations in the Al-Safira area.” Around 11 o’clock: 37 o’clock in the afternoon local time. “

The statement added: “Our air defense system countered the aggressor’s missiles and shot down most of the missiles. We are currently assessing the outcome of the aggression.”

Reached by Weekly newspaperThe Israel Defense Forces spokesperson said, “We do not comment on foreign media reports.”

A few hours later, sirens sounded in the Western Galilee area of ​​Israel, and the Israel Defense Forces reported that “two rockets were launched from Lebanon into Israeli territory.”

“The Iron Dome air defense system intercepted one rocket,” the statement said, referring to Israel’s anti-rocket system, “and the second landed on the ground.”

The statement said that no special domestic front command guidelines have been issued, indicating that there is no immediate risk of escalation in northern Israel. However, shortly after, the Israeli military stated that “the artillery of the Israel Defense Forces attacked Lebanese territory.”

On May 14, after a pro-Palestinian protest in the Khiam area of ​​Lebanon, Israeli soldiers stood guard after firing a signal flare over the northern town of Metula on the border with Lebanon.

The exchange of fire between Israeli and Lebanese territories was the latest since May, when Lebanon fired three separate rockets into Israeli territory during severe clashes between the Israel Defense Forces and the Palestinian faction in Gaza led by Hamas The bullets triggered retaliation by the Israel Defense Forces. The Israeli military also opened fire on pro-Palestinian protesters who burst into the border fence at the time, killing at least one person.

Although the 11-day battle ended with a truce mediated by Egypt, violence continued, with burning balloons launched from Gaza and Israel carrying out at least multiple rounds of air strikes on the Palestinian enclaves.

Incidents have also occurred along the Blue Line of United Nations patrols between Israel and Lebanon, where the powerful Hezbollah movement supported by Iran operates.

Last week, the Israel Defense Forces stated that its forces had observed a smuggling attempt involving 43 firearms “using various methods, including open and secret methods”.

The statement said at the time: “Among other things, the IDF is studying the possibility that the smuggling attempt was carried out with the help of the Hezbollah terrorist organization, and is investigating the perpetrators of this smuggling activity together with the Israeli police.” A weapon smuggling attempt. “

On Sunday, Lebanon’s official state news agency reported that Israeli aircraft fired three flares outside the security wall near the village of Mays al-Jabal on the southern border of Lebanon.

During the conflict in May, the Israel Defense Forces also observed rocket launches from Syria. In this country, militias allied with Iran, including Hezbollah and other local and regional participants, are also active and have supported the Syrian government in the country’s decade-long war against insurgents and jihadists.

However, Israeli officials also accused these paramilitary forces of establishing forward operating bases and transferring weapons through Syria, and carrying out hundreds of air strikes on their positions, many of which were unclaimed.

The latest attack will mark the first known attack in Syria since Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett succeeded the longtime leader Benjamin Netanyahu, Who initiated this movement in Syria.

This is a developing news story. More information will be added as it becomes available.

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