WhatsApp now allows you to join an ongoing group call

WhatsApp group call Will behave more like Zoom calls and other more free-form chats. the company The ability to join an ongoing group call has been rolled out, without having to be there (and stay there) at the beginning of the call. As long as you are invited from the beginning, you can come and go as you like.

There is also a call information screen to show who is participating and invited to join the chat. Also, if you have to click “Ignore” to make a call, don’t worry-if you want to join later, the door will still open.

The new feature is an endorsement of Zoom and other more flexible video chat services, which are still popular even if the pandemic (hopefully) gradually ends. WhatsApp also admits that some people always have different video chat habits-if you keep the video chat running so that friends can join when they are free, this may make the service more attractive.

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