Gen Z dances to TikTok songs in a club called “Kindergarten Party”

Last year was a unique year, because of the coronavirus, life as we know it has changed drastically.

Milestones such as graduation, starting a new job, going abroad, and even family celebrations are either put on hold or fundamentally different.This may mean that an important birthday, such as your 18 or 21 years old, was spent sitting at home with your parents instead of falling out of the club at 3am

On the contrary, the younger generation who have never experienced a round or last order turned to technology, especially TikTok took off during the pandemic.With the addition of quarantined people, the popularity of social media applications has soared Dance, trends and challengesAnd use it as a way to stay in touch with the world.

Songs gained unparalleled exposure through the app, Including Bella Poarch’s “Build AB****” and Olivia Rodrigo’s smashing “Good 4 U”. Although mainstream artists’ songs are used as the basis of dance routines, their tracks are widely shared (“Blinding Lights”, we are looking at you).one of Currently enjoying success as a fragment It is Doja Cat’s song “Kiss Me More”, vocalized by SZA.

The song was released in April and has been used as a sound on the app more than 2.8 million times as fans created dances and movements along with the track. A popular trend is to flick the wrist at a specific point where the music has a unique jingle.

This is what the entire club is taking at the same time in Los Angeles, because many young people flock to Sour Prom. Held on Thursday, July 15th, a clip appeared on TikTok on Saturday, showing a room full of balloons and lasers, as the speaker made the sound of “Kiss Me More”.

This video posted by Avocado_Queen123 says in the screen caption: “What happens when you put Gen Z in the same room.” After everyone moves in unison, before the end of the shot, the crowd in the 1720 venue will emit Unique scream.

Can see the video Here, Has been watched about 28 million times, because people predict that this will be what most clubs look like, because life will slowly return to normal.

Bini thought when commenting on the video: “It feels like a high school graduation party.”

Furthermore, Nefili wrote: “This looks like a kindergarten party.”

Emiliano Rosales thought: “Sadly, this is Generation Z.”

Robbie Cornell said; “I like you guys having fun, but if this happens near me, I will be scared.”

Hillary estimates: “When all Gen Z are 21 and older, these will become clubs.”

Miz Fitz added: “We need to learn to keep TikTok’s dance and trends away from the club.”

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A photo of singer Doja Cat celebrating her latest album “Planet Her” in Los Angeles on June 25, 2021. The footage of Gen Z dancing TikTok in the club is likened to a “kindergarten party”.
Jos Kanic/Getty Images

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