DYP agreement is launched on Avalanche and introduces new NFT competition | By Capital | Capital | July 2021


DeFi Income Agreement (DYP), A unique protocol that provides users with crypto-yield agriculture and mortgage solutions, recently launched its New NFT market This helps creators and collectors mint and trade irreplaceable tokens.

This market allows users to create and sell their unique digital artwork on Ethereum. It will soon be expanded to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Avalanche (AVAX), enabling any user (artist or non-artist) to transfer their NFT between the three blockchains.

DYP users can finally enjoy unique digital ownership in the booming NFT market. The powerful integration of the built-in NFT market on DYP is an important milestone in the field of digital collectibles. It introduces an environmentally friendly approach and reduces transaction costs.

Creators only need to pay 0.30% to sell their digital art works on DYP’s NFT dApp, which is a factor that distinguishes it from other competitor NFT dApps today.

Live broadcast of DYP NFT Creative Contest!

To celebrate the start of the project NFT marketDYP launched a creative competition, inviting global NFT creators to use their imagination and creativity to come up with unique collections.

Participants of the creativity contest stand and share one $50,000 prize poolThe NFT contest started on July 12th and continues until at least 1,000 NFTs are created.

DYP tokens provide support for all products in the DeFi revenue agreement and are a necessary condition for entering the ecosystem and unlocking an unprecedented level of security for projects and individual asset holders. Governance tokens now have a new use case that can facilitate users to pay transaction fees for NFT smart contract operations in the ecosystem.

The protocol’s native token also has multiple use cases in terms of the protocol’s liquidity locking, treasury earning strategy, and the DYP recommendation system.Token is also a requirement for subscription DYP tools High quality. This service increases the use cases of DYP tokens while allowing the platform to provide liquidity lockers for any DeFi project.

DYP Launchpad v1.0, currently only available on Ethereum, is planned to be launched on AVAX and BSC, providing multiple layers based on the number of locked DYPs. The Staking service from DeFi Yield Protocol will also be available on BSC and AVAX soon!

In addition to the above use cases, DYP tokens are necessary to enter the DeFi Yield Protocol ecosystem and unlock an unprecedented level of security for projects and individual asset holders.

DYP cooperates with Avalanche’s pangolin exchange

DYP began to provide its output agriculture solutions on Ethereum, becoming the first and only agreement to reward ETH users. The agreement has been extended to BSC and is now seeking to build its extensive functions on Avalanche to become a leading cross-chain DeFi platform.

The latest development of DYP is a strategy partnership With the Pangolin Exchange, the premier decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche Network. This move will bring the mobility of users and other networks to Avalanche and Pangolin DEX.

DYP enables DeFi enthusiasts from Avalanche, the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain field, to earn up to 330.53% APY.This AVAX/DEEP pair Only one week after DYP was launched on Avalanche, the liquidity of pangolins has exceeded US$500,000.

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