Scary video shows sharks hovering as two girls swim on the beach

A video clip shark It seems that a pair of completely unaware swimmers went viral on the Internet-in the process terrified the audience.

Shocking shot Connor Seitz posted it to TikTok on Sunday, called cseitz2281 on the video sharing platform.

It was filmed at Panama City Beach in northwestern Florida.

The clip starts with a shot of a wider coastline, then zooms in to show a shark approaching two swimmers.

Gradually, the shark got closer and closer until it was very close to one of the two beach visitors, but neither of them realized its existence.

The sound in the video identified the shark as a hammerhead shark.

“Oh, my lord,” he heard him say.

“If she lowered her head now, she would be…” he added, and the shark swam away from the woman being photographed.

However, the terrifying fish did not completely retreat, but turned back and approached the unsuspecting swimmer.

Then another voice warning was heard: “It’s circling them”, and the original narrator responded with a simple “Oh s**t!”

This disturbing video has been viewed more than 11.4 million times Douyin, Has more than 100,000 shares, 1.4 million likes and 18,500 comments.

Most fans believe that these two swimmers still don’t know how close they are to the sharks, and this may be the best choice.

Hayley_ferracci commented: “Honestly, they might be better not knowing and keeping calm, rather than knowing and angry.”

TikTok user randomuserrachel agreed: “The best thing that can happen to them is to be forgotten.”

Julesie1127 also wrote: “This is where the phrase’ignorance is blessing’ cannot be more true.”

For others, the video reminds them why they should stay away from water.

As user 682285771467421 said: “This is the reason why I will never go to sea.”

However, others criticized the original poster for failing to alert the two swimmers to potential dangers.

A user __brianna110 asked: “Why don’t you yell at them, there are sharks there?”

In response to criticism of their inaction, Connor wrote: “We did not yell because we don’t want to cause panic and may irritate the sharks. We are also on the 23rd floor.”

He added: “They will never hear our voice.”

Another TikToker peysche_ tried to clarify that this particular shark did not pose a threat to the two swimmers.

“Hammers don’t attack people,” she wrote.

“Because they feed on prey on the seafloor, this particular species usually forages near the coast.”

Jmurphy91 also expressed these views, he wrote: “Hammerhead sharks rarely attack humans. They often look for natural food in shallow waters. This person realized that humans are not food and walked away.”

Stock Photo of Great Hammerhead Shark-A similar shark was spotted hovering around swimmers in Florida
Carlos Grillo/Getty

The lens was released more than a month later Shot seven hammerheads Circling people seeking sunshine on another beach in Florida.

In the video, at least four sharks can be seen gliding in the water near where the three women floated on the raft.

Three women-Lacey Facion, Casey Thompson, and Queston Eubanks-and several other bystanders claimed to have seen seven sharks in total.

The incident occurred during the Memorial Day weekend in the water near the beach near Pensacola, Florida.

according to National Geographic, Most hammerhead species are quite small and basically harmless to humans.

However, larger hammerhead sharks can pose a potential danger to swimmers, even if attacks are still extremely rare.

Weekly newspaper Connor Seitz has been contacted for comment.

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