American who helped Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan jailed

The American father and son who planned the audio equipment box designed by Carlos Ghosn and the private jet to escape from Japan have been sentenced to two years and 20 months in prison respectively by the Tokyo court.

60-year-old Michael Taylor was fined Front green beretHe and his 28-year-old son Peter were extradited from the United States with them this year.

Thales Plead guilty Last month, they appeared before a panel of three judges at the Tokyo District Court for the first time. They have faced up to three years in prison, and once tried to argue that in a reading of the Japanese Criminal Code, assisting someone to “jump bail” does not technically constitute a crime.

Michael’s lawyer also argued that the Americans have understood that they are rehearsing for future events. Ghosn’s dramatic escapeIn the incident, the former head of the Renault-Nissan Alliance made the decision to escape immediately at the last minute.

The chief judge of the case, Hideo Nirei, stated that “both defendants fled overseas without precedent.”

He added: “Due to the seriousness of the case and the roles of both parties, one cannot avoid being sentenced to prison.”

The judgment is in line with the prediction of legal experts.

The Taylors can appeal the ruling within two weeks.

The verdict highlights the shock waves that have continued to echo since Ghosn’s arrest on allegations of financial misconduct at the end of 2018. The former auto executive is on bail in Tokyo and was originally scheduled to stand trial in 2020.

But he fled to Lebanon in December 2019, turning one of the most charismatic business leaders in the world into International fugitive It also triggered the arrest of various people who helped escape.

Nirei stated that Ghosn has no intention of returning to Japan, and that former executives cannot stand trial in Tokyo. “The consequences of this case are very big,” he said.

The Taylors were arrested and boarded in the U.S. last year Keep moving To avoid extradition. Since their arrival in Tokyo, they have been awaiting trial in the same Kosuga detention facility in the suburbs of Tokyo, where Ghosn spent the first 108 days after his arrest.

The American father and son were detained in the United States for 10 months before being extradited, but Nirei stated that this period should be handled separately. The court found that Michael played the “protagonist” in the plot, and Peter’s role was small, but still “imperative” to facilitate Ghosn’s escape.

Michael said in previous testimony that he “Felt sympathy” Ghosn heard how the executive treated him after his arrest.

Peter said he participated because his godmother was a relative of the former Nissan chairman. But the judge said that the family relationship was estranged and concluded that the Taylor family’s main motive was financial. Ghosn paid $862,500 via wire transfer to a company managed by Peter, half of which was used to pay for private jets.

Ghosn remained in Lebanon and claimed that his bold escape was to “escape injustice.”Former executive officer Deny all allegations He is the subject of an international arrest warrant issued by Japan, and Lebanon has not yet taken action on it.

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