Google expands its news display program to Canada

Google has Signed agreement Cooperate with eight Canadian publishers on news display programs, including major publishers such as The Globe and Mail and The Post.The deal will allow Google to license content and pay news organizations for high-quality news and story planning, just like it did in France, United Kingdom And other countries. In turn, users will be able to access certain paid stories for free.

Publishers that signed the agreement include Black Press Media, Glacier Media, The Globe and Mail, Métro Média, Narcity Media, SaltWire Network, Village Media and Winnipeg Free Press. All in all, they represent more than 70 countries, regions and community news groups in French and English. So far, Google has signed nearly 800 news publications worldwide.

Google also stated that it will expand its investment in Canadian journalism through its Google News program to provide digital programs for small and medium-sized news organizations. Its goal is to train 5,000 Canadian journalists and journalism students in the next three years, a five-fold increase from the current number. “I am very happy to see that Google will also assist small independent newspapers and websites to adapt to the growing digital world,” said Rick O’Connor, CEO of Black Press Media.

Google’s news display plan is after countless times fighting Pay for the use of “fragments” and other types of news content with news organizations in the UK, France and elsewhere.Once, Google threatened to Disable search In Australia, if it is forced to pay for news. However, it was relieved later, Agree Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. content.

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