Facebook will not back down in the White House vaccination fight: “We take action”

Facebook has issued a strong rebuttal White house Rear Joe Biden says the company is “killing” Failed to stop the spread of health misinformation, especially misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The company’s vice president of integrity, Guy Rosen, accused the Biden administration of choosing to “accuse a small number of US social media companies” for providing misinformation in the face of increasing COVID-19 cases, thereby “blaming”.

In a blog post on Saturday, Rosen wrote that “facts—not allegations—should help inform” efforts to overcome misinformation.

He said that the company did “act” and deleted more than 18 million “COVID-19 misinformation” and reduced the visibility of more than 167 million COVID-19 content debunked by fact-checking partners.

He also pointed out that a recent company survey with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Maryland showed that since January, the acceptance of vaccines by Facebook users in the United States has increased from 70% to 80-85%. The hesitation has fallen.

Rosen wrote: “These and other facts are very different from what the government has promoted in recent days.”

He added that “Facebook is not the reason why President Biden’s goal of at least partially vaccinating 70% of Americans before July 4th failed”, which highlights the access and usability issues for “difficult to reach” people.

Blog post at the back President Joe Biden’s Director of the Department of Health, Dr. Vivek Murthy, Slammed social media and technology companies in a consultation-a brief statement aimed at drawing public attention to public health issues.

He accused social media companies of not doing enough to prevent the spread of dangerous health misinformation, especially information about COVID-19.

American surgeon Vivek Murthy talks to reporters at the White House on July 15, 2021. After the Biden administration issued a surgeon’s advice entitled “Facing health misinformation,” Facebook criticized the Biden administration.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“The Biden administration calls on the whole society to meet this challenge,” Rosen concluded. “We agree. As a company, we have invested unprecedented resources in fighting the pandemic, providing people with reliable information and helping them find and arrange vaccinations. We will continue to do so.”

After the surgeon’s 22-page report, Biden was asked to provide information to platforms such as Facebook on Friday. “They are killing people,” the president replied. “I mean, they really. Look, our only epidemic is [the] Not vaccinated. And they are killing people. “

Facebook hits backOn Saturday, an official who asked not to be named insisted that Murthy had used private communications to praise the company’s work on misinformation.

“They know what they are doing. The White House is looking for a scapegoat for failing to achieve the vaccine goal,” the official told the news media.

When asked to respond to these allegations on Sunday, Murti praised the company for propagating accurate sources, but warned: “We have not seen enough progress.”

“Platforms must recognize that they have played an important role in increasing the speed and scale of dissemination of misinformation,” he told CNN.

“It’s not all about technology companies,” he added. “I am issuing this recommendation to call on the entire country to take action. Recognizing that all of us can take some steps.

“Tech companies play an important role, especially in disclosing to the public how much misinformation there is on their websites.

“Each of us makes a decision every time we post content on social media. I ask people to stop and see if the source is accurate? Does it come from a scientifically credible authority? If not, or if you are not sure, don’t share it.”

White House and Facebook Contacted for comment.

Facebook has recently come under fire from both sides of the U.S. political divide.

Last week, the former president Donald Trump File a lawsuit Facebook, Twitter with GoogleAnd their respective CEOs, claiming that he and other conservatives have been miscensored by the platform.

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