Syfy horror series, the return of the killer doll

Doll Chucky grinned, plotting a murder in this close-up of his new series.

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Screenshot: Syfy/United States

The first trailer Don Mancini Chaki series Only 20 seconds long, before the full trailer will be launched next week Comic-Con@HomeBut it gave us everything we wanted, namely: OG Chucky’s shiny return (his iconic laughter reminds us of Brad Dourif I’m back to dub the character again), he looks like new and doesn’t waste time arming himself with the nearest butcher knife.

this is Exactly Why you should very much Be cautious when picking creepy dolls at random in garage sales! But it turns out that the story goes far beyond that.Although you didn’t get much information about the plot from the short snippet below, Mancini talked more about Chaki In a new interview Entertainment Weekly“The protagonist is a 14-year-old gay boy who was bullied after his mother’s recent death and was a little lost,” Mancini told EW. “He is a young artist [making] Sculpture with doll parts. He found Chucky in the courtyard auction and bought him, but it turned out that he got far more than bargaining. “

Although Mancini explained that the main characters of the series will be mainly teenagers (Zachary Arthur plays the young artist), it will also show some of the fans’ favorite faces of Chucky in the past.With Dourif dubbing the killer toy, the show will co-star with Chucky’s original enemy Alex Vincent and Fiona Dourif (Chucky’s curse, Chucky’s worship), Christine Elise (Children’s Game 2), With Jennifer Tilly (Chucky’s Bride, Chucky’s Seed, Chucky’s Curse, Chucky’s Adoration).

Mancini said: “One thing we are proud of, I think that makes our franchise unique, is that we have created a relatively consistent and coherent narrative over 33 years,” and pointed out this established statement The story style will continue into the TV series; it goes without saying recent Children’s games Remake, Mancini is not involved, it doesn’t matter here. “I ended deliberately Adoration of Chucky On a series of cliffs, Considerable Suspense, because I know that TV series will be the ideal place to delve into the consequences. So we started to introduce our new story, our new environment, and then we started to bring senior characters into the story, all of which came together for a big battle. “

Can you tune Chaki? As a long-time fan of the series, I am very happy to see what Mancini has in the store. Chucky arrived in the United States and Syfy on October 12.

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