Biden administrator will overturn Trump’s beloved shower head rule

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Over the years, Donald Trump’s Bathroom fixed Fascinated the people who were deprived of their rights and suffered for a long time From the moderate water pressure of the shower head, the dumping is worthy of falling down with the force of Niagara Falls, but, Dazzling, just Floating in the bowl. Where the silent majority were too docile to defend themselves, the former leaders of this country dared to tell the truth.

The President’s investment in this issue inspired an unforgettable toilet speech in 2019, Publish Before the press team, I hope, To replace his Gettysburg speech:

They took a bath, and the water dripped out, just dripping out, dripping out very quietly. People flush the toilet 10 times, 15 times, not once. They will eventually use more water.and so [the Environmental Protection Agency] I take my advice very seriously. When you walk into a new building, or a new house, or a new home, they have standards stipulating that where there is no water, you can barely wash your hands, and there is too little water from the tap. The end result is that you turn on the faucet, it takes longer to wash your hands, and you end up using the same amount of water.

Yes, 15 flushes, wasted too much time staring helplessly at our own shit while praying to our Lord and Savior to let it fall into the hole. In 2020, Trump added another from the South Lawn Personal contact with his information, Mentioned This is a hair crisis.

“Do you just stand there longer, or take a bath longer?” he asked. “Because my hair—I don’t know you—but it must be perfect.”

Washington Post reporter video editor JM Rieger collected his clips Various public positions Bathroom water flow in 2019-2020.

Of course you will remember that Trump supports this issue in the middle The pandemic and hurricane-related power crisis call on the Department of Energy to amend the 1992 rule to limit the output of shower heads to 2.5 gallons per minuteIn 2013, the Obama administration further clarified that 2.5 gallons each Minutes even applies to multiple shower nozzles, which means that nozzles with similar (3, 4?) nozzles will produce a weak water flow together.trump card At the end of his tenure, our general sorrow ended when the U.S. Department of Energy Finalize A rule described as an improvement in “quality of life” provides “shower heads that can provide enough water for quality showers.” Basically, each nozzle on a multi-jet nozzle can provide 2.5 gallons of water.

But the dream is short (A sentence from the upcoming Ken Burns documentary on the history of bathroom conditions).This Associated Press Report Biden’s Department of Energy is expected to start abolition Amendments to the Department of Energy in the Trump era next week. The media quoted Kelly Speakes-Backman, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of the department, as saying that many parts of the United States are suffering from extreme drought.Drought monitoring in the United States currently shows that most of the western region is experiencing Extreme drought,Worst Four years, In droughts often reach Historical intensity And potential future Permanent drought. Newly released NASA Satellite image California shows shrinking Reservoirs and dry lakes.

What this means for people who don’t care about poo and hair: worsening Real estate crisis, more Wildfire raging, Human and animal death, Electricity with food shortage.

The Associated Press pointed out that in any case, most manufacturers still abide by the 2013 rules, so Trump’s hair may never reach its full potential.


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