The new Ultra City Smiths trailer is on the Internet!

Ultra City Smiths doll

Ultra City Smiths doll
image: AMC+

New trailer Super City Smith Go online! The Half Hour series was created by Steve Conrad (patriot), he also served as the host of the show. Seth Green’s stupid friend Stodios (Robot Chicken) Will serve as one of the many producers of the show.

Super City Smith There is an interesting premise because it uses Stop motion animation The doll was reused as an adult character. The summary is as follows:

Super City Smith Tell the story of the mysterious disappearance of the most famous tycoon in the fictional metropolis Otto. Two brave detectives followed the case and united to fight the dangerous corruption in their city, which was a high price for themselves and their families, all in order to find a more moderate home. “

The show has an all-star cast and the list is very long.

Christine Bell
Dax Shepard
Alia Shaukat
Tim Meadows
Debra Wenger
Louis Guzman
Tom waiting
Davin Joy Randolph
John C. Reilly
Bebe Newworth
Jason Manzukas

This is not even all.

This Robot Chicken The staff knows how to make an excellent stop motion TV. I would love to know what type of dolls they used in this show.I am also curious how extreme this series will be Robot Chicken Known for breaking boundaries.

The first two episodes of the series will premiere on AMC+ on Thursday, July 22, and each subsequent episode will be broadcast every Thursday. The entire first season will be broadcast on AMC this fall.

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