Google Maps shows users a “potentially deadly” route to Ben Nevis

In this file photo from May 2000, sheep graze at the foot of Ben Nevis in Scotland.

In this file photo from May 2000, sheep graze at the foot of Ben Nevis in Scotland.
photo: Lisa Marie Pen (Associated Press)

A few years ago, instead of leading my best friend and me through a beautiful and picturesque Spanish mountain road, Google Maps took us to a remote field with a few cows. Although I was studying Speaking of nature, do not believe in the Internet, it seems that more and more tourists are coming Scottish Yamaben Nevis continues to do so, which may endanger their lives.

In recent days, the British conservation charities John Muir Trust and Mountaineering Scotland have been responsible for national mountaineering, mountain trekking, mountaineering, And snow sports tourism, there are caveat that Hiking route Ben NevisScotland’s highest peak at 4,412 feet (1,345 meters), provided by a map app, may put people at risk. These organizations specifically cited a route provided on Google Maps that led users to the parking lot on Glen Nevis.

According to John Muir Trust and Mountaineering Scotland, the app continues to display a dashed line, which appears to show the path to the top of the mountain. They say this way The appearance depends on how someone searches for the route, please note that it will pop up when the user clicks on the car option in Google Maps.

“Even the most experienced climbers can hardly follow this route,” Heather Morning, a mountain safety consultant for the Scottish Department of Mountaineering, said in a statement. Press statement. “This route passes through very steep, rocky and roadless terrain. Even with good visibility, it is difficult to find a safe route. With low clouds and rain, the suggested Google route can be fatal.”

Gizmodo contacted Google and commented on the route shown at the top Ben Nevis, but did not receive a response as of press time. We also contacted Apple and asked if Apple Maps showed the same or similar dangerous routes. If we receive a response from Google or Apple, Gizmodo will update this blog.

in a Statement to CNN On Friday, a Google spokesperson said that the company is Check for route issues in Ben Nevis and surrounding areas.On Saturday, the company told Yahoo News UK It is updating its driving route to take people directly to the visitor center on the mountain, which is the starting point of the official route.

“Our driving route currently leads people to the parking lot at the beginning of the Nevis Canyon Trail-The section closest to the top of the mountain-there are obvious signs on it, indicating that this trail is very dangerous and only suitable for advanced hikers,” said a Google spokeswoman. “In order to help novices and experienced hikers more easily find a path that suits their professional level, we have now updated our driving route to take people directly to the visitor center, where they can discuss the best path with the staff take.”

The company added that it welcomes feedback from mountaineering groups.

Obviously, Ben Nevis is not the only mountain showing dangerous routes on Google Maps. Mountaineering Scotland claims a route to An Teallach Mountain in the country provided by Google “It will take people off the cliff.”

In the morning, I said that there are many people visiting Ben Nevis I don’t know where to get reliable information, trust Google Maps, take them from home to the foot of the mountain, or take them to the top of the mountain. However, it is not.

“Nowadays, it is easy for people to think that the information on the Internet is good, correct, up-to-date and safe,” she said. “Sadly, experience shows that this is not the case. There have been many recent incidents in which routes downloaded from the Internet caused injuries or worse.”

John Muir Trust and Mountaineering Scotland recommend that people considering hiking Ben Nevis or any other peaks or hills check the information on the map (map not named Google). In addition, the organization pointed out that individuals can consult local tour guides.

Considering Google Maps, if it weren’t for a cow incident, my best friend and I would go one step further instead of going up and down our mountain. Helpful strangers, I support this suggestion.


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