Microsoft’s Windows 11 Event: What to Expect and How to Watch It Live

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Launch Event Date, Livestream: Microsoft’s Windows 11 event will take place today (June 24, 2021) in a dedicated virtual event. You can watch the event live streaming from Microsoft at 8:30 p.m. IST.

Microsoft will host its largest product launch event for decades. Today’s event will see Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, and Panos Panay (Microsoft’s chief Product Officer), take to the stage to unveil “the next generation” of Windows.

Windows 11 is likely to be the official title of the successor Windows 10. It’s the most important thing in tech right at the moment. The leaked Windows 11 ISO file, which is available online, has already revealed a lot of information about the new version. Is Windows 11 going to be free? Will Windows 11 include a revamp of the Windows Store? Tomorrow’s launch event will reveal all the details. These are the details you can expect at Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch event.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Event: LIVE Video

Microsoft teased all its previous version of Windows startup sounds which is exactly 11 minutes long.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 livestream will start today at 8:30 IST/11 AM ET. You can watch the event by visiting the Windows Event page at the Microsoft website. If you have a smartphone or laptop, anyone can view the live event.

All major browsers can access the live video feed — Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, as well as Google Chrome. Microsoft has not yet added a YouTube listing to the event. They will hopefully add one before or on June 24. For live updates on, be sure to come back later.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Event: What can you expect?

Microsoft has already stated that the next-generation Windows would be revealed at a special event on June 24, and although the company isn’t giving any further details, we do know some things about Windows 11. Many believe the build leaked a few weeks ago is an early version. This gives us a glimpse into how Microsoft intends to overhaul its decade-old desktop OS for the new era.

Today’s event could see big visual changes. Sun Valley, codenamed Windows 11, will introduce a redesigned Start Menu, a centered Taskbar, an updated Files App, and a few other small UI changes. These user interface changes were originally planned to be part of Windows 10X. Microsoft has canceled Windows 10X, meaning that these parts will now be part of the main operating system.

We expect Microsoft to overhaul Windows Store, in addition to the new Windows 11 user interface. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, teased last month that there were “significant updates” to Windows 11. These updates will be focused on creating and sustaining economic opportunities for creators and developers.

Nadella stated that Windows 11 will offer more opportunities for developers today, and welcome all creators who are looking for the best platform to create, distribute, and monetize their applications. This means that Windows 11 could include a Windows Store update.

Microsoft will hold the second event after the unveiling of Windows 11. It will likely discuss developing apps for the new operating systems.

What can you expect from Microsoft’s next Windows version?

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Event: What to Expect and How to Watch It Live

The leaked version of Windows 11 last week gives a glimpse of what Microsoft may announce at its Windows 11 event on Thursday.

Analysts will listen for any changes in the business model.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, teased last month that Windows 10 was “one of the most significant updates in Windows history.” The company will present the update to the public on Thursday.

The world’s second most valuable public company is likely to see additional revenue growth by updating its 35-year-old operating systems. This will be behind Apple. As millions of PC users and workers upgrade to Windows 10, the most popular operating system, the new Windows will be more widely used.

A leaked version of Windows 8.1 has allowed early adopters to get a glimpse of the future. According to someone familiar with the matter, the operating system appeared to be an early version of the OS.

Microsoft could discuss many of these changes at Thursday’s virtual event, which is expected to be leaked. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Design changes

If Windows 11 looks anything like the leak, it will borrow elements from Windows 10X. This operating system was originally designed to run on dual-screen computers and went by the name Windows 11. Windows 11 also places the Start button and icons to open programs in the middle of the taskbar, just as Windows 10X did.

This build includes a new Windows icon that has four equal-sized squares. This is in contrast to the Windows 8 and Windows 10 icons which have window panes that are wider from left to right. Each application window retains rounded corners similar to those in Apple’s MacOS. This is in contrast to the sharp corners found in Windows 10.

The animations that people see when opening or closing windows have been changed. The Start menu displays files and apps in a manner similar to Windows 10X. The sounds for notifications and other events has also been updated.

Modern features

Users can now customize their computers with the leaked build.

The new buttons can be pushed to make app windows snap into pre-set configurations. The Settings app also offers an option to allow the operating system to “remember windows locations based on monitor connectivity.” This could help address a problem that Windows has had: Windows would not return applications to the previous configuration if there were multiple displays connected to the computer.

Computers with touchscreens revealed a new setting called Wake on Touch – presumably a Windows version of the feature on some smartphones that allows users to quickly turn on their display by tapping it a few times.

Performance boost

The leaked Windows 11 build was installed by some people. They found it to be faster than Windows 10, which was itself advertised as “fast and familiar” in 2015.

Hot Hardware reported that the new version produced better results than Windows 10 when compared to a Samsung computer with an Intel “Lakefield” chip.

Renovated store

Nadella stated last month that Windows Update would be beneficial to developers. Microsoft’s app shop is where developers can showcase their apps to Windows users. In April, the company stated that it would lower its share of app store revenue. Windows 11 could expand on this statement.

Microsoft is taking steps to allow developers to use third party commerce systems for apps that they wish to list in Store. The company also wants to make space for classic Win32 applications without the need for software changes, Windows Central reported April.


There may be some unexpected announcements. Miguel de Icaza, a Microsoft employee, said that Tuesday’s announcements would be made via Twitter. The company will discuss something that he has worked for years. De Icaza joined Microsoft as part of the acquisition of Xamarin. This allows software developers to create mobile apps for multiple platforms, including Apple’s IOS or Google’s Android. It uses Microsoft’s C# programming language.

Microsoft could also use this event to discuss structural changes for its Windows business.

UBS analysts wrote Monday that they will be watching closely for any indications that Microsoft might use the launch to accelerate Windows’ transition to a subscription/ratable model. This could include a Windows-as-a-Service’ offering, or a stronger M365 push. They also wondered if an OS/desktop update might increase enterprise Teams adoption.

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