WhatsApp is testing secure cloud backup for Android users

WhatsApp chat has end-to-end encryption, but what about your online backups? They will be covered soon.As edge notes, Beta Information have Find The latest Android version of WhatsApp beta ( includes testing of end-to-end encrypted cloud backups.Opt in, you don’t have to worry Hacker or spy Will easily read your conversation history.

There are some caveats. You need to create a separate password to restore your backup. If you lose your phone and forget the password, you will not be able to retrieve them. You can also create a 64-bit encryption key, but if you lose the key, you will also run into trouble.

Not sure if WhatsApp will deploy a secure cloud backup in the next stable version, so you may not want to count on it in the near future. It is unclear whether everyone using the new beta version will get the same backup features.

At least, the timing is right. WhatsApp just started testing Multi-device synchronization This does not depend on the phone connection. These encrypted backups do not seem to be usable across devices, but as people increasingly rely on WhatsApp to chat on all of their gadgets, they may be reassuring.

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