Trump called himself “a great man” when he complained about the Open Tournament website

Former president Donald Trump Saturday called himself an “amazing man” because he condemned the British Open for refusing to return to his golf course in Scotland.

Six days after the Capitol riots, the organizer of the world’s oldest golf tournament, R&A, announced that it had no plans to return to Trump Turnberry in the “foreseeable future”, and the former president bought it in 2014.

Trump criticized the decision in a statement released on Saturday, three days after the opening of the 2021 British Open at the Royal St. George Golf Club. “As almost all great players, sports commentators and golf enthusiasts know, the best venue and course for the British Open is Turnberry in Scotland,” he said.

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump condemned the British Open for not being held at his golf course in Scotland.
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“This is really a magical place. The players want to be there. At a certain point in time, the players will be there,” Trump continued. “But this stadium was not selected for the Open because they thought it was a great person and had won the club title many times, named Donald J. Trump. The controversy was too big-of course, this was mainly caused by fake news Fake reputation media.”

The last time the golf tournament was held in Turnberry was in 2009, although the Scottish Golf Course hosted the British Women’s Open in 2015 before the Women’s Golf League merged with R&A.

“It’s a shame that the best and extraordinary Turnberry golf course in the world was empty during the Open Championship and there were far fewer courses on display. Oh, well, life goes on! One day it will be open The game will return to Turnberry,” Trump said.

After the fatal rebellion in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, many well-known companies and institutions severed contact with Trump and his allies, including the Professional Golf Association of the United States, the New York State Bar Association, social media platforms and the four largest banks in the United States .

Organizations that distanced themselves from Trump said they violated their standards against propaganda violence and feared linking their brand to the controversial president.

Despite this, Trump continues to spread false election statements. “Except for our elections, there is no more terrible threat today than the crisis on our southern border,” he told supporters at a campaign rally in Ohio last month.

The Republican Party has been engaged in an intra-party struggle between the Trump faction and the establishment faction eager to end his control of the party. In recent months, the former president, who has repeatedly vowed to return to politics, supports the challenger in the 2022 Republican primary election and opposes the current president who rejected his American priority agenda.

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