TurboTax creator Intuit withdrew from IRS’ free tax filing plan

TurboTax creator Intuit has one Indifferent relationship with the Internal Revenue Service, And now it is cutting some of its participation. Hill report That intuition is go away After nearly 20 years of participation, the Free Archives Program of the US Internal Revenue Service. The company said it was “proud” of its participation, but claimed that the limitations of the program and the “conflicting requirements” from outside the program left it no choice but to leave.

The company said that the exit would allow Intuit to focus on “further innovation” in ways that the IRS’s free documentation program does not allow. Although the company did not elaborate on what these plans are, it believes it can help taxpayers get refunds for free faster, while leveraging experts and allowing users to rely on their own data.

The company insists that it is still “committed” to free tax returns, but nearly 90% of tax returns in the past eight years have come from outside the free tax return program.

The move came after the New York State Department of Financial Services discovered that Intuit and four other tax preparation providers (including H&R Block) were suspected of trying to artificially promote paid filing by hiding the login page of their free declaration page. The IRS has also added protective measures that not only prevent attempts to hide free declarations, but also give the IRS the power to create its own free declaration options.

It is uncertain whether the government’s crackdown prompted Intuit to withdraw. Regardless of the motivation, this move may still make it more difficult for some people to file tax returns. About 3 million of Intuit’s 17 million free applications last year passed the IRS free documents. Many people either have to find an alternative free solution or hope that TurboTax will not incur costs.

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