“Behind the attraction” traces the technological progress of Disney’s theme parks one after another

In most cases, there are two types of fans in Disneyland. Some people think it’s a good thing to do it with family members occasionally, and some people think…be more serious.impending Behind the attraction, hit Disney+ The July 21st show aims to turn more leisure tourists into loyal fans by explaining the background stories behind famous attractions such as interstellar tours, haunted houses, and Space Mountain.

Each episode has many old shots, talking people, conceptual art and satire.If you think it sounds like The toys that made us, But for Disneyland, you are absolutely right. Behind the attraction Produced and directed by Brian Volk-Weiss, he is behind the Netflix documentary series such as TTMU with The movie that made usDisney+ specifically looked for his style. According to his own description, this style “focused more on fun” instead of treating its themes like “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”. He likes documentaries, but hates that they take stupid topics too seriously.


In other words, the show is narrated by the comedy veteran Paget Brewster, the actress has been Risk Brothers, community with Another period. Disney fans may recognize her as the best dubbing of Della Duck in 2017 Duck story Reboot. She adopts a relaxed and playful tone, which is a far cry from Morgan Freeman.There is also executive producer Dawn Johnson on board, who will appear in Disney’s upcoming reality show Jungle cruising the film. Is there an episode about Jungle Cruise Attractions? Of course there is.

In addition, the other four episodes available this week focus on Haunted house, Star Journey, Twilight Tower of Terror and Space Mountain. (A series about things like castles and transportation systems, as well as famous rides such as “This is a small world” and Pirates of the Caribbean will be held later this year.) They use clips to track the history and development of each attraction from like 1955 Such a show Disney land with Disney’s Wonderful World, News clips and a combination of old and new interviews.People who have watched the documentary Imagine story (Also on Disney+) A large number of reused shots will be identified from there. This of course begs the question, why do we need another behind-the-scenes performance?

Interstellar Journey / Galaxy's Edge


The biggest difference between the two is Imagine story Adopt a strict chronological approach, starting with the origin story behind Walt Disney’s desire to build a theme park until the opening Disney land, Walt Disney World, future world and many more. The later episodes pay less attention to historical prospects, and pay more attention to “see what cool technologies we have built for this new thing.” This brings a sense of imbalance to the plan, and makes people feel that it is a large-scale travel brochure for Disneyland.

This is not to say Behind the attraction Not a big advertisement.After reading the development of the storybook castle, of course I want to visit Shanghai Disneyland Wave field Lightcycle Power Run. But because the new show adopts a more topical approach, it is more “tasty”, and you can watch episodes in any order according to what interests you most.

Each episode still follows its personal theme in chronological order, such as how an episode of the President’s Hall entered the development of the original “Great Moment with Mr. Lincoln” at the 1964 World’s Fair, to the installation of attractions in Disneyland, and the creation of the Walt Disney World The animatronics from the complete Presidential Hall to today are just like those used on the Avengers campus in California Adventure Park. Imagine story Also talked about the development of “Stuntronics”, but it is Behind the attraction Draw a straight line for the audience from a speech by Abraham Lincoln Spiderman doing somersaults up in the air. You actually understand how the technology created in 1964 can still shape what is built in 2020.

Ghost hitchhiking in the haunted house


Although unlikely Behind the attraction Will delve into the various facial plants that the company has adopted over the years, as shown on YouTube Old world with Wasteland Do, the new program can at least admit that certain things don’t work. Shanghai must completely reconsider the haunted house, while the tower of terror in Japan has a different background story. The original jungle cruise has no dad’s joke!

Of course, there is no Splash Mountain or Captain EO Episodes, so we don’t yet know how this show will deal with some of the more annoying or embarrassing parts of Disney Parks history.This is good because Behind the attraction Not going to be the complete history of Disney, just a quick half-hour show that will let you “Did you know?” Next time you visit the Magic Kingdom, it will be given to all your friends and family.

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