California man discusses “terrorist” attacks and other targets on Twitter and Facebook

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Two California men have been indicted for apparent conspiracy to attack the state Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento. The Justice Department said on FridayThese people also discussed attacks in other parts of the state that they were “connected to the Democratic Party”, including the headquarters of Facebook and Twitter, and targets such as the governor’s residence.

California residents Ian Benjamin Rogers, 45, from Napa, and Jarrod Copeland, 37, from Vallejo, were arrested for apparent conspiracy and now face a Series of federal allegations, Recently opened court documents Performance.

Rogers was arrested in January after the police executed an arrest warrant for his home and company, and subsequently confiscated guns, tube bombs, bomb-making materials, and copies of the notorious tome. Anarchist cookbook (It explains in detail how to make homemade explosives). Copeland was detained on Thursday.

A bomb technician then tested the explosives and determined that they were “fully usable and could cause huge personal injury or injury if not handled properly.” The court documents stated.

Federal authorities claimed that after the 2020 presidential election, the two continued to discuss violent attacks through encrypted messaging platforms to trigger a “movement to overthrow the government.”

If these allegations are true, this is yet another example of the “revolutionary” LARPing that the right-wing community has shown since the defeat of the former President Trump’s re-election campaign.See also: the person looking for Destroy the internet Annoy the deep state/oligarchy/anything.

The government partially copied the news between Rogers and Copeland in court documents, giving them some understanding of their apparent plan.After the deadly January 6th During the riots in Washington, DC, Copeland sent Rogers the following message:

“Revolution” “Revolution” “Revolution” “I’m fucking drained!!!” “I’m going to put on my gear, drive around and punish sombitces” “Brother, I’m drained” “I hold my g19 in my hand”[apparent reference to a gun]…

In subsequent exchanges, the two seemed to be planning their own “revolution”:

Rogers: Okay, brother, we need to hit the enemy’s mouth
COPELAND: Yes, so we fight Soros
Rogers: I think now we are attacking the Democratic Party
Rogers: They are the office waiting
Rogers: Molotov cocktail and gasoline
COPELAND, we need more people, brothers
Copeland will be hard

U.S. Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds said in a statement: “It is illegal to fire bombs against political opponents you consider to be illegal and will not contribute to the kind of openness that creates and supports our constitutional democracy. And fierce debate.” “The allegations in the indictment describe despicable behavior. Investigating and prosecuting those who choose violence over discussion is as important as anything else we do to protect a free society.”

One defendant’s lawyer claimed that the government’s so-called evil terrorist conspiracy was actually just drunken bragging, and these people did not really intend to implement their plan to blow up buildings.

Attorney Jess Raphael said: “It is clear that these two theorists were caught up in the passion and drama of last January and talked gibberish after being drunk and had no real intention to act.” Tell the Napa Valley Registry on Friday. According to media reports, Rafael represented Rogers in handling related state charges, but not on federal charges. “There is no evidence that any preparatory action was taken. These are all drunken remarks,” he said.


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