The 6 best headphones and earbuds for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Trying to answer this question is a never-ending task. What are the best wireless headphones (or earbuds)? Instead, it’s best to narrow your search first, and then select the best option among the available options.If people find themselves surrounded apple Gadgets, it makes sense to find out the best wireless headphones to pair with Apple devices, and then choose something that can be easily converted between these devices. As you might suspect, Apple’s own AirPods are a good starting point. There are many changes, and even some non-Apple brand audio devices need to be considered.These are very suitable Apple Music spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, and also.

The best audio device for Apple products is a device with a built-in dedicated wireless audio chip. So far, this means either using W1 or H1 chips to handle certain audio-related tasks. However, it’s not just audio devices with the Apple logo that have one of these chips. There are many Beats brand devices that also have it, and get the same benefits.

AirPods are one of the best all-round universal earbuds for use with Apple devices.

Standard AirPods are the entry medicine for the simplicity of wireless earbuds. The retail price of a wired charging box is $159, but it can almost always be sold at a lower price. These biggest benefits for Apple device owners are the instant pairing process and direct connection with other Apple devices. Here is an example: out of the box, you can flip the cover of the AirPods case, and then tap a button on the iPhone to set it up. Then, on your Mac, iPad, or Apple TV, you can select AirPods without any further setup or configuration.

These earplugs do not form a seal in the ear canal, so they hang looser. This makes them less suitable for use on airplanes or in really noisy environments. They are still very suitable for coffee shops or errands. In addition, if you are sensitive to the fit of what is in your ears, then these are good choices and won’t cause too much pressure.

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AirPods Professional Edition
AirPods Pro uses active noise reduction technology.

If you are looking for the most versatile pair of earbuds, AirPods Pro may be the right choice. They can indeed be closer to the ear canal and have a rubber tip, so they can form a seal for passive noise blocking. These also include active noise reduction, so in a noisy environment, you can avoid raising the volume to dangerous levels.

Although there are two versions of the standard AirPods, with a wireless charging box and without a wireless charging box, AirPods Pro are equipped with a box that you can put on the Qi charger to fully charge the battery.

AirPods Pro is one of the few audio devices that currently supports Apple TV 4K video spatial audio. If you plan to watch TV shows and movies, then these might be a good choice.

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AirPods max
AirPods Max comes in several different colors, including this sky blue.
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If you have money to burn, AirPods Max is an igniter. It’s a bit of a shame that these headphones are as expensive as they are (even if they are on sale from time to time) because they sound great. AirPods Max is an over-ear headset with metal earmuffs and detachable ear cushions. The metal strap on the top covers your head with a fine mesh that reduces stress. The design is effective and elegant.

There is a digital crown similar to the Apple Watch, which can be used to control the volume. Next to it, there is a thin button for switching between ANC and transparent mode. The controls are very intuitive and work well in practice. The audio quality is largely neutral, but rich in detail. If there is a complaint, it is that the headset is a bit heavy. Other than that, this is just the price that most people can’t access them.

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Beats Flex
Beats Flex is a low-cost, sport-friendly option.

Suppose you are interested in some cheap earplugs. Maybe they are for exercise, or you just don’t want to spend too much money just in case you break or lose them. Beats Flex may be the best choice among earplugs that perfectly match Apple products. The full retail price of these wireless earbuds is $49, but they are priced lower. The value here is extraordinary.

Although they do have a cable connecting the left and right earbuds to each other, they are wireless with your media device. For some people, the cable will be a benefit because it allows earplugs to be hung around the neck before and after exercise. Owning the cable also means that the media controls do not need to be located directly on the earbud itself.

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Beats Studio3
Beats Studio3 is a high-quality over-ear headphones, the price is a bit cheaper than AirPods Max.

Although these headphones are great for your Apple devices, these premium Beats headphones are also fully compatible with Android devices. Beats Studio3 has a pure adaptive noise reduction function that can suppress external noise. They are suitable to be worn on the ears instead of on the ears to increase comfort.

Like most audio devices on this list, Studio3 headphones have a long battery life. These should provide up to 22 hours of listening playback. When their juice runs out, the fast charging function will provide them with three hours of listening time after 10 minutes of charging.

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Beats Powerbeats Pro
Powerbeats Pro are great for exercise because its plastic hooks help to secure them to your ears.

Perhaps the worst earplugs are Beats Powerbeats Pro, however, they are very suitable for sports activities because they can be held in place. Ear-hook hooks can hold these earplugs, so whether you are running, shooting a basket or doing other activities that require a lot of exercise, they can remain locked. In addition to the physical design, the sound quality is also very good and full of vitality. There are tactile buttons for volume, play and pause, which can maintain adequate battery life.

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