Since October, US Customs has seized $62.6 million worth of counterfeit AirPods and headsets

In the nine months ending in July, U.S. customs officials seized $62.2 million worth of counterfeit goods headset And other fake wireless According to the data obtained information. During this period, approximately 360,000 units were confiscated. The agency stated that in the past five years, “as products such as Apple AirPods have become more popular,” seizures of counterfeit wireless headsets have increased by 50%.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized 295,000 sets of counterfeit headsets worth $61.7 million in the government’s last fiscal year (beginning in October), so it seems that more counterfeit headsets are flooding the US market. The value of the fake headset seized by the agents in 2019 was relatively small, at $3.3 million.

Compared with the number of fakes sneaking into the border, these numbers may be just a drop in the ocean. It is almost impossible to know the exact number, but estimates made by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2016 indicate that officials have seized only 2.5% of counterfeit goods worldwide.

Given this estimate, information It is implied that counterfeit AirPods may cost Apple billions of dollars in sales in the United States alone this year, assuming that buyers would otherwise buy genuine models.Customs agent has In recent years, there have been at least a dozen times posing as AirPods in the United States. Officials said that if these products were genuine Apple products, the value of the four confiscated products was approximately US$13 million.

Of course, the counterfeiters have also copied other brands, and it is not clear how many of the counterfeit headsets confiscated by customs officers are counterfeit AirPods. Counterfeit headphones are nothing new, but the exact number of seizures highlights their prevalence.Again, even customs officers believe After all, the severity of the problem may not be clear.

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