Biden: Facebook and other platforms are using vaccine misinformation to “kill”

Joe Biden (Joe Biden) said that Facebook and other social media platforms allow misinformation about COVID-19 to spread on their platforms, which is “killing.”

Biden’s comments were in response to a reporter who asked the President that his information on “Facebook and other platforms” was incorrect information about COVID-19. “They are killing people,” Biden said. “I mean they really—see, our only epidemic is unvaccinated people. And they are killing people.”

His speech, one day after the surgeon delivered Health consultations regarding the dangers of vaccine misinformation come at a time when Facebook and other platforms are facing increasing pressure, and more measures are needed to resolve the misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine.But Facebook is under special scrutiny due to its size Fight back against vaccine lies.

A widely cited report by the Anti-Digital Hate Center found that most vaccine misinformation spread online may be related to — Although the company tried Misinformation about vaccines in recent months. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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