Google Drive security update may cause some file links to become corrupted

A lot of old Google Drive The link might become Inaccessible By mid-September: The tech giant has Announce It is rolling out an update to make shared Drive files more secure. After the update is released on September 13, Drive will add a resource key to the link generated by the share. So what does this mean for old links that are already distributed in the workplace or online? Well, those who viewed the link before the change occurred can continue to access it. However, those who don’t will need the resource key to access the file.

Workspace administrators must decide how to apply security updates to their organization by July 23. They can choose to apply it with restrictions or quit completely. At the same time, individual users will be notified of the changes from July 26 and make a decision before September 13. They can also choose not to apply the update, but Google clearly stated in the notification that this option is not recommended. The company recommends not to apply updates only to publicly released files.

In addition, Google will also introduce changes For youtube This may break a bunch of old links. YouTube has adopted a security measure to make it difficult for people who have not shared it to find links to unlisted videos, but it was not released until 2017. Starting on July 23, all unlisted videos uploaded before 2017 will be made private unless the user opts out.

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