Women share a viral recipe for making bacon with carrots

TikTok is full of many different Creative food recipes For people to try.

However, you can hardly find products that are as impressive as those recently shared by social media star Tabitha Brown.

Her genius recipe includes turning some carrots into bacon-how impressive is this? !

The beginning of the video is Brown. He is from Eden, North Carolina, but lives in California, holding some raw carrots in his hand.

Then she used her southern drag and said to the camera: “Did you see carrots or bacon? I’m going to make carrots and bacon, eh.”

The process started when she used a peeler to slice the vegetables so that they ended up looking more like bacon.

The mother of two then added: “Now you have a few belts, but if you want more, do it, because that’s your business.”

Then, she let the slices marinate for two minutes in a bowl containing a mixture of smoke liquid, pepper, maple syrup, onion powder, garlic powder and smoked paprika.

After that, she put the carrot sticks in the air fryer for five minutes. When finished, they look like crispy bacon strips.

Original video, Can be viewed here, Published on April 12, 2020, with the title: “Carrot Bacon#tabithabrown #veganbaconand, it has been viewed more than 21.2 million times and attracted 3.7 million likes to date.

However, after the celebrity forwarded it a year later, this clever method became popular again, and the accompanying text wrote: “Oh my God, this video is a year ago today, and you have all watched and shared it millions of times!!

“Thanks!!! #tabithabrown.” So far, it has received 481,700 views and more than 81,900 likes.

Many people flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on smart hackers.

Karly Smith, a TikTok user, wrote: “Wow!! I can’t wait to do this!!!”

Another person with an account named Yes I did Make Her Change It added: “I’m not a vegetarian, but it’s very healthy and I like your video very much.”

Spencer Reese enters: “I saved this video because it is my comfort video.”

Michaela405 joked: “I was like, uh…I saw carrots…still saw carrots…Oh my god bacon!”

Fletcher1962 revealed: “My favorite part: because that’s your business! I like it! I followed it!”

Jamie Michel asked: “Okay, so I need to know: Does this taste like bacon???”

Torriiiii admitted: “You made my whole day better.”

Brown has 4.8 million fans on the app and is one of many emerging TikTok food stars.

Weekly newspaper Speak recently To other famous home cooks Share recipes on the website during the pandemic.

Some stock images of bacon. A woman on TikTok shared her recipe for using carrots to make meatless substitutes.
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