Elgato’s first webcam did a lot of things right

Although it is still best known for its Capture card, That cat Working hard to take over your entire streaming settings.In the past five years, introduced Flow deck line Used to easily start macros during broadcast; different kinds light; And, last year, the company’s first Game microphoneThe one thing missing from this list is the webcam-until today the Elgato FaceCam was launched.

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On the surface, the $200 camera is not that unique. It is a thick rectangular box that can be easily clipped on top of the monitor or connected to Elgato’s multi-mount system. It uses Sony’s STARVIS CMOS sensor to shoot 1080p at 60fps. It may not be 4K, but most streaming media do not need this resolution now. FaceCam uses a powerful set of settings in its dedicated Camera Hub program to make up for it. Yes, you have to download another software for this camera to run with Game Capture, Stream Deck, Wave Link (for microphone) and Control Center (for lighting), which is a bit annoying. Other companies bundle all the different drivers and settings into one tool, but I think separating them might make it easier to send updates.

I am on the screen

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In Camera Hub, you can easily access content such as contrast, exposure, and white balance. (The latter two can be set to automatic, so you have one less fuss.) Auto white balance is a bit warm to me, but it’s easy to turn it off and reduce the number to the cooler 4000K. The software also There is a zoom option, but there is nothing to write about, because the camera is fixed focus. As long as you always keep a distance of 12 inches (30 cm) to 47 inches (120 cm) from the camera, you will always remain sharp. This should take care of anyone working at a desk; anyone moving backwards will better use something more portable with advanced settings.

Elgato Camera Hub, close to my chin

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The biggest attraction of Camera Hub is real-time ISO readings, which can more easily detect and react to changes in lighting. Maybe your light is too bright, or the natural light outside disappeared with the upcoming thunderstorm (this is exactly what happened when I was typing). Exposure and white balance can be adjusted automatically, or you can adjust the settings yourself. There is a Stream Deck plugin available, and it should be possible to adjust the settings by touching the buttons.Of course, this first depends on whether you have smart lighting, for example El Gato’s key light or Ring light.

Exposure, ISO 426

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There is a clear feeling that you intend to go all out to participate in Elgato’s streaming media lineup, which is probably the best proof that there is no microphone in FaceCam.The company said it didn’t bother, because most gamers tend to use headsets anyway, but let’s face it: Elgato would rather you pick up one of its Wave number: 1 or Wave number: 3 microphone.They do sound great, but they are not my favorite microphones for the following reasons Some problems i encountered Make Wave:3 work while I’m wearing headphones-yes, even made by Elgato parent company pirate.

Elgato Camera Hub, hey, it’s me

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In most cases, FaceCam has far fewer kinks. My biggest problem is plugging it in, because it must be plugged directly into your system, not through a hub. For many modern laptops that may only have two USB-C ports, this is difficult. FaceCam is equipped with a USB-C to USB-A cable. The company recommends that you use the included cable instead of providing your own cable. I was forced to look around for the converter dongle. Although I commend the company for finally adopting USB-C in its gaming accessories, we need some software solutions to ensure that they can actually be used with hubs. My Logitech C920 works with a hub and has a built-in microphone, so in most cases it may still be my default webcam.

Elgato FaceCam is installed on top of the display

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Nevertheless, FaceCam had a good start. The video quality is clear and noise-free, if not, you can enable the built-in filter. However, I don’t need it because the camera can easily handle my Google Hangouts and Zoom calls.The price is a bit steep, but still comparable to Logitech Brio 4K And Razer’s Qinglin, Both cost $200.What your money allows you to get here is a guarantee that it can match yours El Gato Creek Deck — At least there is no real competing equipment right now.

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