The left’s shameful failure in condemning the communist dictatorship in Cuba

The Castro (now post-Castro) regime in Cuba is an extremely repressive communist dictatorship, and its final status in the ashes of the well-known history cannot come soon. The retrograde remnants of the Cold War-at the time it was a strategically positioned Soviet governor-have hardly changed this poor island nation since the fall of the Berlin Wall.This Recent riots There, stimulated by the turbulent Cubans’ desire for fundamental freedoms, most of Latin America’s neighbors took it for granted. This is also a tragic omen if “progress”-in many cases, more and more thorough socialism -The left gets its way in the United States.

I have been to Cuba and have witnessed the barren fruits of this hellish “revolutionary” regime. Parts of Havana are very fascinating-at least the historical part before the revolution-but most of the city looks like it had just been hit by a neutron bomb. Around 1993, dilapidated buildings that looked like they were outside Mogadishu were the norm. Stray dogs with skinny skeletons roam the streets, and locals usually rely on government-provided waste to maintain their daily necessities. Malecón is a famous seaside promenade in Havana, with beautiful natural scenery.It’s easy to see what Ernest Hemingway fell in love with while writing The old man and the seaHowever, what you see before you is not a gleaming five-star resort, but a piece of rubble and desolation.

Cubans also lack the most basic civil liberties. The regime’s internal security department is a tyrannical brown-shirted militia who beat and conquered what is considered an enemy—all of which have no basic procedural norms, such as due process of law. The poorly slow Internet is constantly being monitored by the stray dogs of the Politburo. Whenever a Cuban takes to the streets to complain to his compatriots about the struggles of daily life and his general despair of life progress, he will face the threat of surveillance and surveillance. And complain that they do it sometimes-my own travel there refutes the view that every Cuban is a Castro who is completely indoctrinated.

On July 12, 2021, people held a demonstration at the Versailles restaurant in Miami during a protest against the Cuban government. Some of them held Cuban and American flags.

In short, this is Cuba after the “revolution.” But this is certainly not what the American left saw when it saw an island 90 miles south of Florida.

Cuba’s recent grassroots protests were triggered in part by the government’s horrific handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and directly responded to the decades-long oppression of the Cuban people under the demands of a truly evil communist police state.As a former president Donald Trump In a statement earlier today, it said, “The proud Cuban people are eager to get rid of the iron shoes of the evil communist regime on the island.” This is indeed what happened in the past week.

But being a modern leftist, for someone like Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT)—a Immutable communist The person who honeymooned in the Soviet Union last year and defended his past praise of Fidel Castro became more and more symbolic. Look at Cuba, it sees something completely different. In other words, the left sees an opportunity to criticize the United States’ long-term (and often adjusted) embargo against Cuba — this was the focus of Sanders’ comments last week. Representative of the leftist “it girl”. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) Instead, the deafening silence was initially chosen-but the American democratic socialists of which the AOC is a member bluntly tweeted that it “stands with the Cuban people and their revolution at this turbulent time.” . Black people’s fate is also fate, Apparently not satisfied with the 1 billion to 2 billion U.S. dollars paid insurance claims caused by the riots last summer, condemning the United States’ “tr[ying] This revolution was suppressed for decades. “Most of the people in Cuba’s tyranny are blacks themselves, which doesn’t seem to make BLM think.

As the former director of the U.S. Cuba Broadcasting Office, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro (Jeffrey Scott Shapiro) February column Weekly newspaperTo this day, the Cuban regime is still a totalitarian disaster. “Doctors who try to flee the island often face persecution and severe punishment,” Shapiro wrote. “In other cases, political dissidents who are in urgent need of medical care, including cancer treatment, are deprived of proper medical services simply because of their political activities.”

This is the fact that most people on the American left have been deliberately ignoring, defending or directly abetting this regime because it has taken to the streets in the past week to intimidate citizens who desire basic human dignity. Remember, next time you go to these US ballot boxes, which are still free.

Josh Hammer Weekly newspaper Opinion editor, co-columnist and researcher of the Edmund Burke Foundation. Twitter: @josh_hammer.

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