“Resident Evil Re:Verse” last minute postponed to 2022

At this point, when a famous game scheduled for 2021 was not postponed, it was almost a surprise.The latest title postponed to 2022 is , The upcoming multiplayer game will challenge the horror series.However, what makes this delay stand out is that Put the release date on hold for a week or two before the game should be taken off the shelf.

“Previously announced for launch in July 2021 Resident Evil Re:Verse Moving to 2022 so that the team can continue to work hard to provide a smooth gaming experience,” the Resident Evil staff “We will share the updated release details later. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Revoke Was announced as a freebie for those who own it Resident Evil Village. Capcom Those who have physical copies village Keep their Revoke Download the code in a safe place or add it to their account so they are ready to launch when the game finally goes offline.

Revoke It is actually an independent deathmatch mode, in which four to six players choose a Resident Evil character and decide the winner in a short battle. When you die, you will come back as a zombie. The player with the highest score after five minutes wins.

Game development is a complicated process, and everything can go wrong.We see again and again , Especially under the influence of COVID-19.push back Revoke However, at least six months in advance at the last moment is a strange case. The long delay shows that despite the July release window, the game is not ready yet.

Although it is an add-on to the main series of Resident Evil games, the delay will be disappointing for those looking forward to it Revoke. Nevertheless, it is better to have a game that is late and runs normally from the jump, rather than requiring months of post-release patches and larger patches .

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