The Facebook Pay button will land on the online store in August

Nearly two years later, Facebook is taking a big step towards expanding its payment platform.Company owned Announce Plan to break through Pay on Facebook Facilitate transactions across the entire network from its own ecosystem. Starting in August, U.S. customers will be able to use payment methods to purchase goods from Shopify-supported businesses. When you visit a supported seller, you will see a Facebook Pay button that allows you to complete the purchase using the saved card or PayPal details.

In this sense, Facebook will compete for attention with rival mobile and digital wallets (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) at checkout. Of course, everyone has a built-in audience based on preferred hardware, operating system, or Facebook’s social network.

So far, Facebook Pay has limited To the company’s own platforms, including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook uses it as a stopgap for shopping on these apps, sharing bills with friends, sending money abroad, and donating to charities. Expanding the influence of Facebook Pay on the Internet not only improves its convenience, but also conforms to the company’s broader e-commerce strategy. In June, Facebook added QR code To the payment platform, enabling users to send money to people outside of the friend group.

At the same time, it has integrated shopping functions into its broader social application ecosystem to take advantage of the shift to e-commerce. In May, Facebook launched store Transform business pages on its main platform and Instagram into online storefronts.Like Google and Snapchat before it, the company is also turning Visual search Help people discover more shopping products on Instagram. Cannot be left out, Wechat A shopping button was also received, allowing users to browse the retailer’s product catalog.

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