‘Battlefield 2042’ will overflow cross-play between console generations

EA and DICE have clarified their cross-play plan Battlefield 2042. Although this feature is still under development, it may not allow all players to join the same lobby.

In the upcoming invitation-only technology game test, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC players will be able to jump into the game together. DICE plans to distribute the player pool between players on these platforms and players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC and game console players can opt out of the game, which may alleviate concerns about the difference between the controller and the mouse and keyboard.

Dividing players between console generations may disappoint some people, especially those who don’t have decent gaming equipment or who can’t snap up a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. However, this makes sense. PS4 and Xbox One version There will be a smaller lobby Compared with PCs and current game consoles, there are 64 players instead of 128 players, and a slightly streamlined map. Otherwise, the gameplay on all platforms will be the same, including weather events such as tornadoes.

The crossover process is also underway. Your progress and items (including items you purchase) will be transferred from one platform to another, so if you switch between PC and PlayStation or Xbox, you will be able to use all your equipment.

Elsewhere, DICE plans to use robots to fill the lobby when needed to improve matchmaking and may allow you to participate in matches faster. You cannot choose not to use robots, although players always have priority over AI soldiers. If the player leaves in the middle of the game, the robot will take over until others join.

Robots should behave in a manner similar to human players, although they will not be able to use wing suits or class-based abilities. AI soldiers can perform other tasks, such as resurrecting teammates, summoning vehicles, and capturing targets. You can also fight against robots in single player and cooperative modes.

in A blog post Covering these tidbits, DICE and EA introduced some other features, including vehicles, fully customizable loading, and how different modes focus on certain areas of the map. At the same time, DICE said you can’t fight on every floor of a skyscraper, only the lobby and the roof.More details Battlefield 2042 Will be announced at the scene EA Play Live event July 22.

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