Germany is about to block one of the largest pornographic websites

German child protection Regulators are about to block one of the world’s largest pornographic websites. Officials will issue a blocking order to the country’s largest Internet service provider, stating that 83 million people in Germany should be prevented from accessing a pornographic website believed to be xHamster.

The Committee for the Protection of Minors in the media may issue a blockade order in the coming weeks (Committee for the Protection of Minors In German or KJM), xHamster failed to introduce age verification checks to prevent people under 18 from accessing pornographic content. The order is the latest in a two-year action by the regulatory agency to force all pornographic websites accessible in Germany to implement age verification checks.

Legislators around the world—including some states in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States—are seeking to introduce more measures to prevent children from accessing adult materials online. But the German move is one of the most thorough measures taken so far, and critics compare it to the censorship system.

KJM Chairman Marc Jan Eumann said that German officials are taking action against the four major pornographic websites. The organization represents the country’s 14 national media agencies and is responsible for implementing the extensive treaties reached by all countries on the protection of children. It is a complement to other child protection laws in Germany. Eumann refused to confirm the four websites that KJM is taking legal action against.However, Germany report Say These cases are against xHamster and three websites, YouPorn, Pornhub and MyDirtyHobby, all of which belong to Mind geek.

Since September 2019, regulators have been trying to force pornographic sites to introduce age verification checks-which may involve uploading ID documents-most of which were promoted by Tobias Schmid of the State Media Administration of North Rhine .Westphalia, who has Criticize his views on sex, But this matter is now also handled by KJM.

Eumann said the company should establish an age check system to ensure that their visitors are not children. Eumann said that the law states that pornographic content can only be accessed by adults. In all four cases, pornographic websites with German versions were accused of not introducing an age verification system.

A porn site believed to be xHamster was first contacted by the regulatory agency in March 2020, and then Other June 2020Eumann said that the age verification request has now become a legal dispute, and three cases are awaiting a hearing in one of the Düsseldorf administrative courts.

In the case of xHamster, it is believed that the website owner did not respond. Therefore, the case is considered to be the most advanced and may result in the order to issue the website to be blocked in Germany in the next few weeks. At the end of June 2021, KJM confirmed that the company Host xHamster with Ask it Make the website unavailable. Eumann said: “We issued a blocking order against the hosting provider based in the Netherlands.” “If the hosting provider does not comply, we will take the last step.” KJM confirmed that the order has expired earlier this week. “The last step is to take action against German access service providers, blocking orders,” Eumann added.

In practice, this means issuing blocking orders to Germany’s largest network providers (including Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, O2, and 1&1), requiring them to block people who try to access the site in Germany. The largest providers will be targeted first, followed by smaller providers, and blockades may occur at the Domain Name System (DNS) level. When you browse the web, the URL you type in the browser’s address bar will be converted to an IP address through DNS. Imposing DNS blocking means that anyone who enters the address of a pornographic website in a browser will not be able to see the page.


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