The morning after: testing real jet suits

It has been a while since no one can really say that the battery life of the iPhone is too short to allow you to spend a whole day. However, despite the better staying power of recent generations of mobile phones, Apple is still throwing bones at people who need more phones.The company launched the first MagSafe compatible battery pack for iPhone 12, It appears on the back of your device in the following way Love magnetic.


The MagSafe battery pack costs $99 at the Apple store and is equipped with a 1,460 mAh battery-not even enough to fully charge the iPhone 12 Mini. But Apple said that it lacks grunts and it will make up for it by becoming an Apple-branded battery pack compatible with Lightning Chargers. And it’s thinner than some of the bulky battery cases Apple sold before, even if a white block is glued to the back of the phone, it won’t look weird.

— Dan Cooper

It is both exciting and frightening.

Jet suit

Matt Smith

Maybe you once dreamed of becoming an Iron Man, flying in the sky carefree in the world. As Engadget’s Mat Smith discovered, reality is far less romantic than you think. Before you are allowed to wear Gravity Industries’ real-world jet suit, you must make sure that you do not exceed the 210-pound weight limit. Then it is forbidden to use flammable sportswear fabrics, and not to wear sports shoes or jewelry when flying.

However, Mat did overcome these obstacles and was ready to float like Tony Stark in the real world. Coupled with the horror of being hung in the air with a few huge engines tied to the body, the heat of these things being kicked out is huge. In addition, it seems that every time you lift about a foot from the ground, you feel as if you are flying over a tall building. continue reading.

This is in response to protests about the handling of the pandemic.

The protests in Cuba began on Sunday, leading the Cuban government to restrict access to social media and messaging platforms through its state-run Internet provider. According to NetBlocks, since Monday, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram have all been at least partially blocked on the Caribbean island. Reuters reported that people in Havana currently have no access to mobile data-the infrastructure was only launched in 2018. continue reading.

FXE is aimed at more experienced riders.

Zero Motorcycle FXE

Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Zero Motorcycles has been in existence for more than a decade, constantly improving its range of electric bicycles. With the new FXE, the company is revamping its acclaimed (and fun!) FXS superbike to make it look more futuristic. Roberto Baldwin went for a drive. continue reading.

Payload saw two teams of 20 people fighting for a truck fleet.

Activision’s latest effort to let players continue to play Battle Royale is a goal-based model called Payload come to Call of Duty: War Zone. For the first time in the game, this task will be added to the rotating playlist as part of the reload of the fourth season.

The new mode will be launched with the update on Thursday, July 15th at 12 AM Eastern Time. Players will be divided into two teams of 20 people. The task is to escort or attack vehicles that transport satellite components. With a time limit, you will be able to buy (or build) obstacles to disrupt the path of the vehicle. continue reading.

The latest shoot of Amazfit also contains ANC.

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro


PowerBuds Pro from Amazfit. They are true wireless earplugs with active noise cancellation (ANC) function, which can eliminate sounds up to 40dB, and some new health monitoring functions. PowerBuds Pro uses an accelerometer to detect your cervical sitting posture. If your neck is in the same position for a long time, the earplugs will remind you to adjust and improve your posture. Yes, I arched my head back while writing this article. Pre-orders for PowerBuds Pro for US$150 will start on July 15th. continue reading.

But wait, there is more…

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