Why is NFT a game changer in the ticketing industry, and who is leading the game? | Author: Elena Obukhova | The Capital | July 2021

NFT is a concept hyped around digital art, it is ready to move forward, and of course it will also bring art into it. One of the destinations is the event market, where NFT can bridge the best part of physical ticketing and digital ticketing.

Many of you may remember the old school tickets that people collected in the past. Each ticket is unique and brings special memories, whether it’s a major music festival in California, an opera night in Vienna, or the World Cup in Brazil.

Digitization makes tickets practical but boring. There is only a simple QR code without any story behind it. Tickets began to lack the memory part, which is something people want to store or even carry with them when they travel or move. They reflect on the memories of every special moment in past events. NFT is about to join the game, making tickets memorable and more powerful.

You may lose the paper ticket, it may become wet, old and destroyed. It is also very difficult to travel with it, and such memories are disappearing. Organizers can’t get enough security through paper tickets, because they can be easily forged. QR codes seem to be a good answer for organizers to make ticketing effective, but they are not so good for the customers who purchase them. With NFT, there is no need to compromise, because the technology can make tickets both memorable and practical.

  1. Verify the authenticity of each ticket and verify the owner (especially for private and VIP events where the ticket should be associated with a specific guest).
  2. Create art tickets that represent event stories and brands that people like to collect.
  3. Access powerful data to make subsequent events better.
  4. Including special allowances and interacting with the community, providing additional rewards for those who frequently participate in activities.
  5. Pre-sell drinks, food and other packages to minimize waiting time in the line.
  6. Send excellent event invitations to VIP guests and members.

As NFT technology can interact with event guests and sponsors in a simpler and more avant-garde way, this list will continue to grow.

  1. Store artistic tickets safely to keep all memories.
  2. Participate in and feel part of the favorite event organizer community
  3. Receive special allowances and rewards from the organizer.
  4. Sell ​​precious and rare tickets to past events that others like to collect.
  5. Easily sell tickets for upcoming events that you suddenly cannot attend.

flashback Is one of the pioneers in the field of NFT ticketing. It introduces an avant-garde way to buy and sell important tickets, bringing technology to the public through seamless NFT creation and purchase. FlashBack and Seiko, A community of 572 artists from 50 countries, brings inspiring art to ticketing events and enables organizers to produce extraordinary tickets.

Large festivals can now collaborate with digital artists to issue tickets to bring greater value to their guests and the community.

Sports organizers also benefit from the new ticket sales method. Imagine your favorite football club has issued a ticket with some memorable game moments on it, or it may be a famous player. Such tickets become extra collectible and can now be used by fans anywhere, even if they cannot participate in the game themselves.

NFT can also specially invite family events. Imagine turning your 5-year-old’s drawing into an NFT invitation to her birthday party. Great, isn’t it?

The market is definitely waiting for some interesting changes, and art tickets are part of it.

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