Tennessee health officials ordered not to recognize National Immunization Awareness Month

Last week, an official from the Tennessee Department of Health was told in an email that August should not be publicly recognized as the National Immunization Awareness Month in the United States.

Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus was fired for a separate but closely related issue. He wrote an email to health department leaders John Dunn and Tim Jones seeking guidance.

Fiscus wrote: “August is National Immunization Awareness Month. We usually publish news, governor announcements (at the previous time), and communication with LHDS (local health department) and partners.” “If we are allowed to acknowledge this Occasion, please tell me.”

The chief medical officer of the health department, Jones, wrote in a reply email: “According to the commissioner, there is no outreach at all.”

“Commissioner” refers to Lisa Piercey, the health commissioner. John Dunn is an epidemiologist in the state.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Listed the National Immunization Awareness Month as “A commemorative event held in August every year to emphasize the importance of vaccination for people of all ages.” -19 Vaccination is not particularly relevant.

An internal situation report obtained by NewsChannel 5 Investigates stated that “According to Dr. Piercey, we must not organize any immunization activities on school property or on school property”, and “we may not conduct any immunization activities on school property. COVID-19 vaccine event/youth in China.”

On Monday, after Republican lawmakers reviewed the health department’s outreach work on COVID-19 vaccination against young people, Dr. Fiscus was removed from his position as the head of the Tennessee vaccination program. She said she believes that her dismissal may be related to her providing doctors with information about Tennessee’s “mature juvenile doctrine” law, which allows some teenagers to be vaccinated without their parents present.

“The firing of me will not change Tennessee’s case law. Children 14 and older can still be vaccinated today, just like they could be vaccinated yesterday. They want this to be a big problem,” Fiscus said.

In June, Republican state representatives threatened Cancel funding for the state’s entire health department In their opinion, it is an advertising campaign that encourages underage teenagers to vaccinate without their parents’ knowledge.

Commissioner Piercy accepted questions and warnings about the tone of advertising in the Capitol. At that time, she replied: “If you allow me to speak frankly,” she told the government operating committee, “I think there is a feeling that we are hiding in a dark alley and whispering to the children,’Hey, come and get the vaccine. .’We are not. We did not do that. We discourage that.”

Piercy explained that the doctrine is often used for children who are afraid of undocumented immigrants present.

Tennessee Department of Health officials ordered that August not be publicly recognized as National Immunization Awareness Month. This image shows the State Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee on May 25, 2016.
Raymond Boyd/Getty

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