Twitch streamers earn millions of dollars from the shady crypto gambling boom

“Ethics started to work. It did. I think it’s bad to do any kind of gambling sponsorship,” he said later on the livestream. “And I know people are like, Mizkif, but you fucking sponsored all day. If you download Dungeons and Dragons, What is the worst case? You lost 40 dollars and several hours of life. Gambling is different. “

Online gambling is jointly regulated by U.S. federal and state laws. Gambling sites need to obtain a license to operate in various states-whether they use hard dollars or digital currencies. Many crypto casinos, such as Stake and Duelbits, are located offshore in countries such as Curaçao and do not have these licenses. However, they are easily accessible from the United States via VPN. (More reputable online gambling sites require users to provide more data points to confirm their location.) “Although [these sites] Blocking the U.S., they won’t prevent access by people in the U.S.,” said Jeff Ifrah, a lawyer who specializes in online gambling laws. Ifrah said he has been answering many questions from American Twitch anchors and their representatives recently. Although legal experts say it may be difficult to sue these sites, their sponsors in the United States may be subject to review.

Ifrah said that obtaining sponsorship from illegal gambling and encouraging illegal gambling can make the streamers enter the legal realm. He warned streamers not to advertise these encrypted gambling sites when streaming from the United States. “My advice to them is that, basically, the underlying activity is illegal.” Nevertheless, it still happens. “There is a lot of money in it,” he said. “The anchor told me,’Hey, I don’t want to just give up. This is a big opportunity for me because these sites pay a lot of money.'”

There may be a great opportunity, but it may also be accompanied by a great risk. “Many of the gambling activities promoted on Twitch are illegal or unregulated, posing a clear risk to consumers, disadvantaged adults and teenagers or underage children,” said Keith White, executive director of the National Gambling Commission, in support of health , Legal gambling. White said that because these sites are generally not as censored as legitimate sites in the United States, experts question whether their possibilities are fair and what their backends look like. “In the unregulated gambling industry, increasing the winning rate is a fairly common strategy.”

Gaming experts interviewed wired Say so now, Twitch is about to take action. “The health of their users is a matter of concern,” White said. “They have a huge incentive to regulate illegal, unregulated or potentially harmful content.”

Convulsive Terms of Service Illegal activities are prohibited on its website and users are required to abide by the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines on advertising. Having said that, it does not specifically prohibit gambling streams. Frankly speaking, crypto gambling is thriving on Twitch because it is allowed. In contrast, live streaming competitors YouTube and Facebook Gaming prohibit the streaming of previously uncensored online gambling sites. Twitch also has gambling-related categories, such as slot machines, which have no age limit to prevent younger viewers from watching (some streaming titles say “18+”).

Twitch told WIRED, “We strictly prohibit illegal content and activities on the service and take action on all verified illegal gambling incidents reported to us. Our community guidelines clearly state”[Streamers] You must comply with all applicable local, national and international laws when using our services. Any content or activities that feature, encourage, provide, or solicit illegal activities are prohibited. The company added that its goal is to “create a safe and positive experience for all users we serve” and “closely monitor gambling content.” “

Twitch had to deal with gambling-related disputes on its platform before.Years ago, top anchors used the cosmetics of first-person shooters to gamble Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Skins gambling is an unregulated frontier area that quickly became very popular-and full of allegations of foul play. The first Twitch anchor to reach 1 million and later 2 million followers was Tom “Syndicate” Cassell.Kassel attracted a large audience of gambling and big winners on, but he also reached settlement At the end of 2017, the US Federal Trade Commission was charged by the US Federal Trade Commission for failing to disclose his identity as the vice president of when promoting


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