According to reports, Apple is developing a later payment feature for Apple Pay

If you have done any online shopping in the past period of time, then you most likely have encountered a similar service confirm with Paypal payment methods 4They allow you to buy something and pay later by dividing the total cost of the item into several parts. On the surface, Apple will soon provide similar options for Apple Pay users.according to , The company is working with Goldman Sachs to develop a service called “Apple Pay Later” that will allow those who use its devices to settle purchases over time, including products they buy in physical stores.

When using the service, the store indicates that you have two payment methods. If you choose the “Apple Pay in 4” option, you need to make four interest-free payments within two months. Another option is to extend the payment period by a few months, but in this case, interest will come into play. Bloomberg Said that it is impossible to determine how much interest Apple plans to charge or when the company will launch the service.

We have contacted Apple for comments on this report, and we will update this article after we receive a response from the company.But in many ways, Apple Pay Later sounds like a reasonable extension of what the company is already doing with Apple Card. One of the benefits it provides is Installment plan for Mac and iPad purchases.

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