Facebook groups can now have dedicated topic “experts”

Facebook is developing a new way to highlight authoritative information in groups.The platform began to introduce new “Experts” tab Applicable to group members who have expertise in areas related to the group’s interests.

With the change in Facebook that it can “select” groups, administrators can invite group members to become group “experts.” If the person accepts, they will get a badge next to their name, similar to how a group owner and moderator are identified.

It’s worth noting that being a group “expert” does not grant you additional control over the group’s functionality or gaining greater visibility within the group. Instead, Facebook uses it as a way for group managers to highlight members who may have useful insights to share with other members of the group. Experts can also host Q&A sessions or live audio rooms.

In addition, Facebook is also testing a feature that allows group managers to proactively seek expert opinions for their groups. The test starts with groups related to fitness and gaming, allowing individuals to identify themselves as experts on specific topics. In these cases, group administrators will be able to search for experts who are not yet members of their group and invite them to join. Experts can also automatically invite “Recently Participating Page Followers” to join any groups they join as experts.

The expert is the latest of several changes made to Facebook groups in recent months.The company has also taken steps to make moderators more accountable and ensure that team members follow , And introduced new tools to limit Although dedicated “experts” will not directly influence these tasks, adding a knowledgeable voice can free up time for group administrators.

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