The sealed “Super Mario 64” game sold for a record $1.56 million at auction

Nintendo games have been sold at high prices at auctions this year.Just a few days after a rare copy The Legend of Zelda A record of US$870,000 was obtained, and the N64 Classic almost doubled.A completely sealed Super Mario 64 Sold at a price of up to 1.56 million US dollars over the weekend.

This may seem like a crazy price for a best-selling game owned by millions of people, but the auctioneer said that the good condition of the copy sets it apart from the dusty old game. According to Heritage Auctions, this boxed game has a sealed rating of 9.8 A++. Hetian ScaleThis means that it is kept intact and in the same state as when it left the factory. Such a highly rated game is usually described as “Case Fresh”.

Coupled with cultural influence Super Mario 64, Plumber’s first real 3D jailbreak game and the hugely successful release of the beloved N64 console title, you can see why it broke the seven-figure mark.In contrast, an almost perfect copy Super Mario Bros. NES received a record $660,000 before April The Legend of Zelda auction beat it.Although Wata 9.4 A+ is sealed copy of Final Fantasy III Earned $96,000 a few days ago.

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