Person 1.0 RC5


Tom Dale

Ember.js 1.0 RC5 has been released and is now available from the main website and

RC5 fixes several regressions and bugs found in RC4. especially:

  • The performance regression caused by the run loop scheduling change has been fixed.Thank you Eric Brin Used for this work.
  • Promise returned from the route model Hooks may cause the application to hang when the page is refreshed.This has been fixed, thanks Alex Macinier.
  • This ember-testing Packages containing other helpers for testing Ember.js applications are no longer included in the production version. This means that end users can load less JavaScript over the network.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and pull requests.Please try RC5 in your application and report any issues or regressions you find by submitting a report Issues on GitHub.

Finally, thanks Stephen Penner, He has been doing his best to get Ember.js to the 1.0 finish line, including release engineering for these candidate versions. Thank you Stephen!

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