Apple will create an animated series based on Nathan Pyle’s “Strange Planet” webcomic

Apple is adapting Nathan Pyle’s Web comics and a series of best-selling graphic novels are adapted into an animated TV series, according to . Starting in 2019, Strange planet Following a group of blue aliens, they described the activities they were doing in an unusual way. For example, in a strip, they mentioned a cat, “If we appreciate its softness gently, we can’t feel its sharpness.” This webcomic is very popular on Instagram, with more than 610 Thousands of accounts follow it.

community with Rick and Morty Creator Dan Harmon (Dan Harmon) has signed to help adapt the series. Along with Pyle, he will also serve as the executive producer of the project. Apple’s in-house studio subsidiary will produce the show with the help of ShadowMachine, the animation studio behind Netflix BoJack Knight. The following From Bob’s Burger Creator Loren Bouchard, Strange planet It is the second adult animation program announced by Apple. The latest series has no release date yet, but its first season will include 10 episodes.

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