Anthony Brinken warned that if China attacks aircraft and ships, the United States will provide assistance to the Philippines

Secretary of State Anthony winked The Associated Press reported that if China attacks Philippine aircraft or ships, the United States will provide assistance to the Philippines.

Brinken said on Sunday that such an attack “will trigger a joint defense commitment by the United States,” referring to a treaty signed with the Philippines in 1951 that obliged the two countries to provide defense against each other in the event of an attack. The statement was issued on the anniversary of the 2016 International Tribunal’s ruling in support of the Philippines, which rejected China’s maritime territorial claims outside of its internationally recognized waters.

Brinken said in the statement: “In the South China Sea, the rule-based maritime order is most threatened.” “The People’s Republic of China (PRC) continues to coerce and intimidate coastal countries in Southeast Asia, threatening the freedom of navigation on this critical global channel.”

According to the Associated Press, China condemned the decision of the International Court of Justice on Monday, and Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li insisted it was a “political farce.” Zhao said that China’s territorial claims have “sufficient historical and legal basis.”

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US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken stated that if China attacks Philippine aircraft or ships, the United States will provide assistance to the Philippines. Above, Blinken at the State Department in Washington, DC, July 1, 2021.
Ken Sedno/AFP via Getty Images

The Chinese military said it chased a U.S. warship in the disputed waters of the South China Sea on Monday.

Beijing confirmed its claims on parts of the sea areas that Southeast Asian governments also claim to have sovereignty. It rejected the Biden administration’s statement on Sunday that it supported the International Tribunal’s ruling.

China has become increasingly confident in its territorial claims, which has increased tensions with neighboring countries, including Japan, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said that after the aircraft carrier Benford entered the waters near the Paracel Islands, which Beijing claims, it sent ships and aircraft.

The military stated on its social media accounts that the Chinese military “warned them and drove them away.”

The PLA stated that these islands are “China’s inherent territory.” “The actions of the authorities American armies A serious violation of China’s sovereignty and security. “

In a statement from the 7th Fleet Office of Public Affairs, the US Navy denied that China’s statement was false, but did not provide details of possible encounters with PLA troops.

The statement stated that the Benford “conducted this operation in accordance with international law and then continued normal operations in international waters.”

The navy statement stated that China’s statement was “the latest in a long series of actions by China to distort US lawful maritime operations and claim its excessive and illegal maritime claims”.

Zhao said at a regular press conference: “China firmly condemns and condemns the illegal actions of the United States.”

An expert based in the United States said on Monday that for many years, groups of Chinese ships anchored in disputed areas in the South China Sea dumped human waste and wastewater, causing algae blooms, destroying coral reefs, and threatening fish in an ongoing disaster. class.

Liz Derr, head of Simularity Inc., a software company that develops artificial intelligence technology for satellite imagery, said that satellite images of the past five years show how human waste, sewage, and wastewater accumulate and accumulate in the atoll (known internationally as Union Bank) Cause algae to occur. analysis.

She told the Philippines online news forum about China’s operations in the South China Sea that on June 17 alone, at least 236 ships appeared on the atoll.

Chinese officials did not immediately respond to Del’s assessment of environmental damage, but have stated in the past that they have taken measures to protect the fishery resources and environment in the South China Sea.

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