Use the amazing UserWell to collect feedback

Most websites and mobile applications collect various data to try to gain insights into what users are doing, not doing, and what users might want. These indicators are useful, but there is a more valuable way to obtain information: direct feedback from users. User well It’s a great service that makes it super easy to collect, implement, and provide direct feedback!

Quick tips

  • Userwell provides you Free 14-day trial! Try product feedback management software now!
  • Userwell collects feedback from all channels in a central location
  • Constantly adding integrations
  • Userwell provides an easy-to-use JavaScript widget to place on your website
  • Users can verify the feedback by posting the feedback on the feedback page
  • You can generate insights by connecting Userwell to your revenue indicator tool
  • Feedback can be piped to your project management tools (GitLab, Trello, etc.)

After signing up for the 14-day free trial, you can create a feedback page to use on your website, application, or product. After creating the page, you can create a widget to place on your website with very little code:

<script src=""></script>
  "token": "########-####-####-####-############"

When feedback starts to appear, you can categorize the feedback, create actionable items, and organize how you handle the feedback. You can organize by status, source, comment, rating, and creation date:

In your project, you can add various types of users to the team to handle feedback, such as project managers, product managers, engineers, and other relevant members. This allows you to assign your team and feature requests, so there are no gaps.

Users can also vote to convey what should be implemented. As the feedback is sorted and features processed, everyone will receive feedback on the current status of the request.

It’s also great that you can use Userwell integration to send feedback to third-party services such as Trello, GitLab, Jira, and other popular services. Essentially, you can use Userwell to get feedback and pass it on to other services, or as a complete task management application.

User well More than just a widget for soliciting and collecting feedback-it is a complete management system suitable for stakeholders at every level. Userwell’s feedback management tool is really impressive-I didn’t expect a tool to handle everything from collection to function completion!

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