Georgia Republican Rep. Jody Heath defended the challenging Ravensberger, saying he “compromised” the integrity of the election

Georgia Republican Representative Jody Heath defended his main challenge to Secretary of State Brad Ravensberg, saying that his Republican colleagues “damaged” the integrity of the state’s elections.Ravensberg became the object of repeated abuse by the former president Donald Trump At his and other national level Republicans Refusal to “find” more votes that would make Trump the nation’s vote.

Hi, sunday with Fox News Mocked at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas Democratic Party To “scream at voter suppression,” and said that he is not worried about the infighting between the Republican Party and Ravensberg. He responded to Trump’s unconfirmed claim that Georgia’s 2020 was “stolen” due to widespread voter fraud, saying on Sunday that the only reason he competed with Ravensberg was to re-establish “election integrity “.

Heath told Fox News that he was not worried that the party struggle in the primary election might cause the Republican Party to lose its seat of Secretary of State in the upcoming election. On the contrary, the Republican congressman said he was obliged to stand for election because Ravensberg hurt the confidence of voters in Georgia.

“For me, it’s not an infighting with another Republican member. It’s about the election integrity period,” Heath said at CPAC.

Washington post It was reported in January that Trump desperately begged Ravensberg to “find” more than 11,000 votes in his favor, which would change the country for him. According to reports, in a January phone call, Trump threatened Ravensberg because he refused to help overturn the election results and dismissed the president’s false statement that “we have won the country.”

According to reports, Ravensberg told Trump that “the data you have is wrong.” After that, the president lashed out at Ravensberg, calling him incompetent and weak.

Trump has continued to attack any and all Republicans who he believes helped “steal” his election. In a statement issued by Trump’s rescue of the US PAC on Saturday, the former president complained: “The feeling of false elections is now stronger than ever. Look at the recent 35,000 votes in the great state of Georgia. Story, look at what happened in Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and other states.”

Heath admitted on Sunday that persistent and unsubstantiated claims about widespread voter fraud could hurt Republicans because many in the party base are increasingly discouraged by a full vote. But Heath said he has the ability to rebuild confidence among Republican voters and bring them into the polls to overthrow Ravensberg.

“Absolutely. If people think their votes are not counted, they will not vote,” Heath told Fox News. “This is exactly why I campaigned. We must restore the integrity and confidence of the voters.”

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U.S. Rep. Jody Heath (R-GA) at lawmakers Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) and Matt Gates (R-FL) in Dalton, Georgia on May 27 The speech was delivered before the speech at the first rally held in the United States.
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