Minutes of the Core Team Meeting-2014/02/21


Trek to Glovac

Although most of our collaboration is conducted on Github, IRC (#emberjs On freenode.net), and our Discourse site
This Ember.js core team Meet in private via Google Hangout every Friday at 2pm Eastern Standard Time / 11am Pacific Standard Time to discuss everything about Ember every week.

If you have a topic you want to discuss, please contact your favorite core team member and let them know!


@ebryn, @krisselden, @machty, @tomdale, @trek, @wagenet, @wycats


Old stack overflow question

Last week, we started cleaning up old questions on Stack Overflow by collecting a list of questions and evaluating whether the questions still make sense, and if so, whether the selected answer is still the best answer.

Initially, we used Stack Overflow’s existing tagging feature to collect this list, but Stack Overflow admins Suggest that we take a different approachThey don’t have any suggestions for using Stack Overflow to speed up this process, so we created a list of all Ember.js issues so far, which contains some minimal semantics about correctness.

If you want to help, please Look at this file
And give us feedback on some older Stack Overflow questions and answers!

ES6ifying core

This work continues Here.

The function waits for the “start” decision.

The core team reviewed the following pull requests for future inclusion in the 1.6.x beta series:

  • ember-testing-simple-setup #3785

    Although its core is in the right place, we think it is a band-aid on top of a testing infrastructure that needs to be rethinked from the bottom up.

    Although we believe that implementation does not require significant changes, for its part, someone needs to sit down and write a proposal for how the testing infrastructure should work.

    Solution: restore.

  • query-params-new #4008

    @stefanpenner and @machty met in person on Tuesday to discuss APIs that support lazy-load routing, and will continue the conversation as these changes are made.

    Solution: Not ready yet. We don’t want to serialize the default value into the URL. False parameters should be expressed as “=false”, not just missing from the URL (this is ambiguous). Therefore, this example JSBin in the documentation is wrong:

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