TED will provide exclusive audio chat in Clubhouse

It may take a while to face to face TED talk Seriously recover, but you are about to get a variety of options. edge notes TED has reached an agreement to provide Clubhouse with an exclusive plug-in audio chat.1. Weekly series Thanks for your ass, Made its debut on the platform at 11 a.m. Eastern Time on July 12th.

This arrangement allows TED to sell advertising and sponsorships for its conversations. Clubhouse will not take a share. It is not clear whether these chats will be provided in the form of podcasts or other on-demand recordings, but it is not surprising if there is a way to listen in the future.

TED already has a booming podcasting business, with more than 1.65 million episodes downloaded every day.

This is a logical agreement by Clubhouse, and some of the more philosophical conversations have been compared to TED talks. In the face of more intense competition, this is also a wise move to keep Clubhouse relevant. Club NFL deals In view of the situation in the league, some limelight has been lost Twitter space chatThe TED agreement regained part of it, even if the audience did not fully agree with American football.

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