iPad mini redesign “should start this fall”

You may not have to wait longer (it can be said to be overdue) iPad mini redesignAs 9to5Mac learned, BloombergThe historically accurate Mark Gurman claimed in his latest “Power On” communication After transformation Small tablet “Should Go” released in the fall.Although Gurman did not share more design details, he previously claimed that Apple will abandon the Home button and provide a thinner bezel-it may actually be a smaller iPad air.

This will be the “biggest redesign” since the iPad mini First model Gurman added that it arrived in 2012.

The reporter insisted that Apple is still developing “larger, redesigned” alternatives to the 27-inch iMac, which will include the next-generation Apple Silicon, although there are no more details.

Since its launch, the iPad mini has hardly undergone external changes.even though Basic iPad More changes have been experienced during the same period. In view of this, Apple may not have too many options-this is not only to catch up with modern design, but also to revitalize sales.

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