Minutes of the core team meeting-2014/04/04


Robert Jackson

Although most of our collaboration is conducted on Github, IRC (#emberjs On freenode.net), and our Discourse site
This Ember.js core team Meet in private via Google Hangout every Friday at 2pm Eastern Standard Time / 11am Pacific Standard Time to discuss everything about Ember every week.

If you have a topic you want to discuss, please contact your favorite core team member and let them know!


@ebryn, @Chrisdon, @machty,
@rwjblue, @wagenet, @tomdale


PR/issues to review

  • BUGFIX beta allows settings undefined Value to content property

    Repair settings undefined Value to content attribute.

    Still, check obj[keyName] === value In these line Bypassed in two cases

    • If the setter value is undefined
    • If the setter property is in the proxy content

    use get(obj, keyName) It may be resolved.But this is very stressful, because it may involve some additional function calls

    @stefanpenner +1, but he asked @krisselden to review.


    It looks good, but @krisselden will review it in further detail. This update will be attempted in 1.6.0-beta.2.

  • BUGFIX beta ensures that the context does not change when keywords are used in itemController.

    Before this change, the following code will bind this In the template block to the content of the itemController (even if the keyword form {{each}} Used).

    This change sets the subview’s _context Attributes of the current context when using the keyword form {{each}}, And a few confirmation tests to demonstrate the use of itemController Specified in ArrayController Or direct template.

    Failed JSBin | Pass JSBin

    Fixes #4634.


    intention of each foo in bar The grammar is specifically used to preserve the current context.However, use each foo in bar Grammar and itemController The internal template context is always changed. This change looks good, but all context-related changes require some additional review. @krisselden further review and +1/-1.

  • BUGFIX beta {{view}} Assistant no longer uses Ember.View global, but uses container view: default

    During the ES6-ify process, @rwjblue left a comment, mentioning that the {{view}} assistant does not need to find Ember.View globally. This PR solves this problem by looking for view:default from the container (by default, Ember.View is registered to the container).


    look up view:default It is definitely more appropriate than hard coding in the container Ember.View.


  • BUGFIX beta adds better debugging to DefaultResolver.

    If your application was created using, add nice log entries LOG_RESOLVER put.

    Sample log entry:

  [ ] route:application ..........................................  App.ApplicationRoute
  [] route:index ................................................  App.IndexRoute
  [ ] controller:application .....................................  App.ApplicationController

Fixes #4654.

example JSBin (Look at the console)


This adds insight into what the parser is doing and what needs to be implemented to add custom behaviors. In the future, better APIs need to be created to enable these logging options (hanging a bunch of properties outside the application instance is suboptimal).

Merged (will be in 1.6.0-beta.2).

  • Features ember-handlebars-radio-buttons implements radio buttons

    This update Level 1235 Extend components, add handle assistants, update tests and documentation. I think many people will be happy to see the radio buttons in the core. I see that many developers in my company have difficulty using radio buttons when they first start using Ember, so I think it will be a good one The supplement is at the core.


    We hope it will exist as a plugin for some time to allow the community to test (and influence) the API.

  • The transition to the wildcard route does not work

    I think this is an extreme situation, so I don’t know if this is feasible or if you will solve this problem. Anyway, in my application, I defined a notFound route, which hits when the user uses the url and gives an error. I also want to redirect to this route when the user tries to access a record that does not exist (ie the backend answers 404). So I tried to define an error handler in ApplicationRoute and transitionTo(‘notFound’). Unfortunately it does not work. Although if I delete the wildcard path, then it works for redirects, but not for entering unknown urls.

    I made a jsbin to reproduce it: Here


    It can be converted to a globbing route, but as with any target route with a dynamic segment, you need to provide an object/parameter, in which case it can be the path string to be used for the globbed segment:

    this.transitionTo('yargle', "MY/COOL/URL");


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