Trump suggested that Ashley Babbitt be killed by the security chief of the Supreme Democratic Party and praised the 1/6 rally “love”

Former president Donald Trump Just before hundreds of people launched a deadly rebellion against the U.S. Capitol on January 6, he praised the crowd of his supporters who participated in a large gathering in Washington, DC, saying that he felt that the event showed “love.”

Trump commented on the rally in an interview on Sunday Sunday morning futures, Hosted by Maria Bartiromo Fox NewsBattiromo asked him about the uprising and his thoughts on that deadly day, but the former president focused his answer on a rally delivered near the White House before his supporters started attacking the Capitol.

“There was a large gathering. Actually when I said it, who knew – but there was a gathering called with a large number of people. The largest gathering I’ve said before was called by the people and patriots,” Trump said . “They asked me if I would like to speak, and I did it. It was a very gentle speech.”

Trump claimed that more than 1 million supporters attended the rally. He said it showed that there was so much “spirit, faith and love-there was such love at that gathering.” He said that people “have a reason there, which is rigged elections.” Analysts estimate that there may be tens of thousands of Trump supporters at the rally.

Former President Donald Trump claimed on Sunday that his speech before the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was “very gentle”.

Although Trump and many of his allies continue to claim that the 2020 elections were “rigged” or “stolen,” this allegation has been thoroughly litigated in state and federal courts and has completely lost credibility. The former president and his lawyer did not provide evidence to confirm this claim.

In an interview, Trump also stated that a supporter, Ashli ​​Babbitt, was killed by the security director of a prominent Democratic official. She was a man who broke into the Capitol and was trying to enter. A supporter who was shot after the legislator escaped the mob’s room. “I will tell you that they know who shot Ashley Babbitt,” the former president asserted, claiming that people are “protecting that person.” He said that the truth of the shooting was “about to emerge.” He described Babbitt as a “naive, beautiful, and incredible woman.”

At a rally on January 6th before the Capitol attack, Trump urged his supporters to “fight hard” to overturn the 2020 election results. Congress Meetings are being held to formally prove Biden’s victory, and those who stormed into the Capitol hope to prevent this process from moving forward to keep Trump in power.

“We fight. We fight desperately. If you don’t fight desperately, you will no longer own a country,” Trump said at the rally.As many people have expressed, hundreds of his supporters began to listen to him Desire to kill vice-president Mike Pence And senior lawmakers who oppose or do not fully support Trump’s unfounded claims about widespread fraud. Many of the violent crowd of Trump supporters carried and wore obvious signs of racism, including Confederate flags and Nazi signs.

Even as top Republicans Urges Trump to cancel the rioters, the president uses Twitter To show his support for the chaos that is happening. “These things and events will happen when a sacred and overwhelming election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously deprived of a great patriot who has long been severely and unfairly treated,” he then wrote. Trump then urged his supporters to “go home” but told them to “remember this day forever.” The former president was later permanently banned from using social media platforms.

Trump’s statement about the 2020 election has no factual basis. Dozens of election lawsuits filed by the former president and his supporters have failed in state and federal courts. Even Trump and other appointed Republican judges rejected these often bizarre allegations. In addition, audits and recounts of key battlefield states reaffirmed Biden’s victory, including where the election ended. Overseen by Republicans who support Trump.

Former Attorney General William BarrWidely regarded as one of Trump’s most loyal cabinet officials, December said “No evidence” confirms the widespread fraud claims.After the election, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Department of Homeland SecurityThe election led by someone appointed by Trump claimed that the election was “the safest election in American history.” The agency stated that “there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was compromised in any way.”

Nevertheless, Trump and His important ally Continue to promote conspiracy theories about the last presidential election. Thousands of Trump supporters regularly participate in various gatherings and events, focusing on advancing baseless claims. A May poll conducted by Quinnipiac showed that two-thirds (66%) did not believe Biden was the legitimate president.

Weekly newspaper Contacted Trump’s press office for further comment.

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